5/1/18 WOD

I can’t remember if I updated from Thursday’s WOD but here’s yesterday’s WOD 😛

A)Power Clean

3-3-3-3 <– 135#


Kettlebell Swing <– 35#

Sit Ups

200m Row


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4/24/18 WOD

Yesterday’s WOD got a bit mishmoshed and modified.

For Time

30 Dumbbell Power Cleans <– 30# Dumbbells

2k Row <– 500m

35 Ring Rows <– 17 Pull Ups 18 RR

5k Bike <– 0.6mi bike

50 Russian Step ups <– unweighted

Took me 13:56


I joined a friend for deadlift work and did sets of 4 up to 275# then did 1 single 305# and I haven’t lifted over 300 in like 2 years! It felt so amazing 🙂

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4/17 & 4/19 WODs

Forgot to update since last week I didn’t make it to the gym except for 1 time but I went both days this week and I feel like I have some good WODs to share.


A. EMOM 10 2 Power Cleans

Got to 125#

B. Grace (30 clean and jerks)

I did 75# and completed it in 3:23

C. EMOM 10

Min 1 10 Box Jumps 20″

Min 2 10 hanging knee raises

4/19/18 (this was last week’s wod)

A. Split Jerk

Hit 140# and my weight belt fits again!!!


20 DU

5 Power Cleans <– 85#

10 Ring Rows <– 5 Pull ups 5 Ring Rows

400m Row

100 meters shy of 5 full rounds!

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4/10/18 WOD

This was a 3 part WOD

A. 8 min Easy

15 KBS <– 24#

10 Cal Row

4 + 23

B. Build to a heavy Power Snatch in 10min

I took a little longer. Maybe 15min bc I was talking a lot but I got to 95#


50 Step ups <– 20″

50 Dumbbell Squat Cleans <– 20#

50 push ups <– crossfit standards to toes but not very pretty

I did not finish this. I got 126 reps.

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4/3/18 WOD

Deadlift work

3 sets of 12 for speed work

  1. 95#
  2. 135#
  3. 165#

Then 12m AMRAP

12 Dumbbell Snatch 30#

15 sit ups

30 Double unders

5 rounds + 4

It took me 3 rounds to finally get my DUs working again.  It was a tough WOD too. Tougher than I gave it credit for. It was all core and you didn’t have time to really breathe because it was nonstop moving and not once did you get to just stand and breathe.

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2018 Crossfit Open

Well It’s been quite a while since I’ve updated this blog but I felt like sharing my unofficial results of the 2018 Open. I did not register and I did every WOD scaled. I honestly didn’t think I’d be able to do well even in the scaled division but I surprised myself and it gave me confidence that while I’m not back to my old body pre-pregnancy I am still stronger than I think and quite more capable than I’ve been giving myself credit for.

18.1 I got 9 rounds + ?? I can’t find where I wrote it down.. but oh well.

18.2 10 min 18.2a 125# (had hoped to hit 135 but didn’t load the bar confidently)

18.3 816 reps (scaled again to do ring rows)

18.4 135 reps (if you count completing the bear crawl as 1)

18.5 106 reps

When I looked back on maybe 5 years ago when I did 11.6 (aka 18.5) I did 75 reps so even after getting pregnant and taking a ton of time off from working out I over all have improved my fitness!  I’m REALLY proud of myself!

After the WOD I decided to see if I could do a pull up and I got multiple kipping pull ups and I ALMOST had a full strict pull up again! My confidence is soaring right now and I know it’s purely from consistently hitting the gym twice a week (as my schedule allows right now). I’m excited to see if I can get back to my pre baby weight one day but I know first and foremost I need to get in the right mentality.

I hope to update this blog again more often now that I”m feeling more confident and having fun again working out consistently. *crossing fingers*

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10/3/16 Baby Prep WOD

Last night I was scheduled to coach the 6pm WOD but no one showed up. So I put together a quick and actually tough WOD to prep for a baby.

I did a 1 mile walk split into 400m laps and with rest in between.

Lap 1: With a friend’s baby 😛

Lap 2: with a 20# med ball

Lap 3: No additional objects

Lap 4: 15# dumbbells

It took me almost an hour (with the rests between laps etc) to complete. Maybe 40min. And it was a good WOD! At 30 weeks pregnant it was all I really wanted to do.

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