Weigh In 12/13/12

Well this week was not optimal. I gained. I expected it when I noticed my pre-crossfit snacks were turning into big meals, when I ate a bunch of cookies and pizza the day I baked for friends (yet somehow I ate more than I gave out??), and over eating in general. 2 pounds though was kind of hard to swallow yet apparently not that hard to eat.  But every weigh in is data and a tool for learning.

Last Week: 157

This Week: 159

Sucks but I have to move on and not beat myself up over it. Things I did learn about myself this week:

1. Packing a Snack does help in times between meals/after riding/going places for a long time and potentially no healthy options.

2. I can eat before Crossfit, but I need to pick a substantial snack and not think I can go from lunch to 8:30pm without eating anything. OR start having a snack attack before Crossfit and think it won’t upset my stomach! (huge salad before crossfit = no good!)

3. Eating healthy food is great, but I still need to practice eating it in moderation.

4. Planning dinner is important and I need to do it more often. Tracking dinner before I eat it is more important.

I would like to get back into meal planning (I sort of dropped the ball on cooking much at all this month) but with 1 week left in MD before traveling for Christmas I think waiting until Jan to pick out meals to cook might be a better idea. Don’t worry – I already meal planned and made a grocery list for GA!

Our last thought for the meeting left me thinking hard, though. My leader, Ingrid, said in order to tackle Holiday Temptations right now figure out what part of Weight Watchers you need to help you stay on track (in any form) and do it.

I’ve been racking my brain and I cannot figure it out! I always have my cell phone and ability to track at parties, and I never do. I always know what choices at a party are the healthier ones, yet I always stray from them. I always know how to use my hands/plate to portion control, yet I end up with thirds. So what am I doing wrong? Rather, what do I need to do/say/think prevent myself from doing the same things over and over again?

know I can keep myself more accountable if I limit alcohol or don’t drink any. And I know there are a few situations in which I don’t need/want any. That will help.

know if I stick to only eating off of a plate of food vs picking from a platter or bowl of chips/cookie plate I can keep a more accountability for how much I’m eating.

know I have my cell phone as a tool even if I snap a quick photo of my food to track later.

I know I can be prepared by still packing a healthy snack if nothing at the party appeals to more or is healthy.

My goal for the next 4 days of Holiday Parties is to implement the habits I know I can control and will help me. And with already packing a snack as my new routine this month I know I can at least prep that in advance.

Holidays are tough, but I’m tougher!!


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