Weigh In 1/10/13

SUCCESS! I finally have some major success in the world of weight loss! My diligence in GA and while being sick has MAJORLY paid off on the scale! I not only lost the sick pounds but I lost some Christmas pounds, too! I was down 3.2#! !!! I still have a little bit of Christmas poundage to dispense of but I am SO happy to be back to normal and in my normal routine both exercise wise and nutrition wise. I feel better, I like how I look, and I’m feeling very in control.

Last Weigh In: 161.4

This Weigh In: 158.2

I’m so thrilled I’m even prepared to show you my tracker:



For once in what feels like a long time I barely went over my Weeklies! Miracle of Miracles! And I have to say, it was SO much easier to get back on track when I continued to track while in GA and while sick. I didn’t put too much pressure on myself during the sick week to lose weight, but tracking through it kept my habit of tracking going and kept me feeling more in control. I didn’t let being sick turn me to comfort foods or totally disregard the Plan. And that is a major step in making WW a life style vs a diet for me. I no longer aim for perfection, just consistency and doing as much of a healthy routine as possible. 

I am more than excited to see how this week goes. January’s routine is to include a fruit/veggie with every meal and snack so that’s what I will do! December’s routine of carrying a snack was SO helpful and now definitely a part of my every day life. Having a snack has been so beneficial so I can only imagine how this month’s routine will benefit me.


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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