As if we haven’t done enough Thrusters or front squats recently yesterday we got to do MORE! YAY MORE THRUSTERS! Every time I think of Thrusters I think of the agony of Fran and how painful that WOD can be but yesterday’s focus was on how heavy of a 1 rep load we could do:



I got to work with another girl in class who was more of my level in terms of lifting and it made such a huge difference! It was great support and just having someone watch made it more fun. We ended on a load I never thought possible for me to even clean! I successfully Thrusted 105# but while I couldn’t thrust it, I cleaned 110# at the end!! I remember struggling to power clean 83# one night and here I am cleaning over 100#! 😀 One girl in the class got to 125#! I was slightly jealous but figured, one day I’ll get there, too. It’s only a matter of time and confidence now that I know where my max is.

After that WOD we did an After Party of AMRAP 6min Wall Ball. I used the 14# medicine ball and in 6 very long minutes completed 90 reps. I could’ve probably gotten 100 had I not been so slow in the beginning but oh well – it was still tough! One guy in an earlier class got 150reps in 6min! Insane! Something to aspire to 😉


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