Skill Set Practice and Weight Lifting Tutorial

This morning I headed over to Planet Fitness to teach my Mom some of the weight lifts I’ve learned at Crossfit and to work on my warm-up/cool-down skill set exercises. Teaching lifts went well! My Mom has some new things to work with and I got to really learn how to break down the movements to teach her.

Then we moved to the back of the gym so I could do 6 sets of:

5 Push ups (on toes – chest to the floor)

5 HSPU (as low as I could go)

5 Double Unders (every 3rd was a DU but I did get 3 in a row at one point)

5 Sit ups

At the Crossfit gym I plan on adding Pull ups and GHD sit ups vs regular sit ups and it’s hard to do kipping pull ups on an assist machine so I skipped those entirely. Not to mention the machine is far from the little nook I wanted to work in so no one would yell at me for doing handstands or accidentally whip someone while doing Double Unders. I felt like 5 in a row was very obtainable for me to do all of the reps properly except push ups. By the 3rd and 6th round (I took a rest after 3 round) I found I had to do at least 2-3 push ups on my knees. I feel as if 5 HSPU is the perfect amount right now for that skill but I could probably do more double unders. Meh – it’s a great starting point 🙂

Later tonight I’ll be doing a Superbowl – Superbody workout I created to keep myself active for tonight’s game. I’ll write more about that tomorrow but here’s an idea of what I’m planning on doing:

Every time the teams Run the ball – 5 squats

Every time the teams Throw a long pass and it’s completed – 10 jumping jacks

Every time there is a Touch Down – 15 sit ups

Every time there is a Field Goal – 15 high knees

Every Interception – 3 burpees

I have a feeling I’ll be doing a ton of squats and I anticipate a few sit ups and high knees. Not sure how many jumping jacks or burpees but these few things should keep me moving and not eating as much. GO RAVENS!!


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