Maintenance Weigh In Week 1

This week in terms of Weight Watchers things were very different compared to the weight loss side of my journey. I felt so much more relaxed because I had 6 extra points a day, I felt really confident about myself, and I honestly enjoyed the week…until about Monday/Tuesday. Monday I went to crossfit and felt flabby. Not the svelte/fit/tight and lean feeling I’m used to. I thought maybe it was from eating too much before class. Then Tuesday I felt better but still a smidge heavy and like I was holding my body back from being as strong as it could be. Wednesday I freaked out about it and emailed my WW leader. She told me to essentially take a chill pill *lol* and that if I had gained weight I could just adjust the amount of daily points for the next week on maintenance.

This morning I weighed in and I was up 1.6#. While I’m technically in what will be my Lifetime weight range, it was a fairly significant gain for me and I know if I continue to eat 32 points a day plus my 49 weeklies plus any activity points I earn I will continue to gain weight. SO this week I am doing an experiment. I am lowering my daily points to 30 and I’m not going to use my Activity Points – only my weeklies. (you can tell eTools to use up your Weekly points first or your Activity points. I normally have it set to use Activity points first so now I’ve changed it so I focus on them more.) If that doesn’t work I’ll go to 29 daily points next week.

I know Maintenance time is experimental, which is why they give you 6 weeks to figure it out, but it’s actually a little harder than I thought it’d be. And by harder, I mean in terms of letting go of the losing mentality, being ok with eating food and not worrying if you’ll gain weight, and not being as obsessed about my weight as much. My weight never be off my mind- trust me! – but having it become a 2nd or 3rd priority in my day instead of my 1st has lifted some anxiety. I’m actually enjoying healthy living right now 😀 basking in it a little, too. (minus a few residual weight loss mental habits and freaking out yesterday)

I’m still living like I normally do – meal planning, cooking WW meals, tracking, wearing my ActiveLink, and making healthy choices/routines/habits. It’s funny, though, I had a random thought yesterday while Nick and I were cooking a WW meal. I thought “If I’m at goal why am I still cooking WW meals and going to the gym?” and that was such a cliched yo-yo dieter thought that it stopped me in my tracks and reminded myself that just because I’ve hit goal doesn’t mean I give up my new healthy habits or lifestyle. It means I just adjust things slightly and continue onward with everything I worked so hard to learn. If I stop eating healthy foods, practicing portion control, cooking and meal planning I will gain the weight back and that is NOT an option! I worked darn hard to become the healthy woman I have always dreamed about becoming and I’m finally her! I’m not giving her up! 😛 I’m fighting to keep her! And by now all of those healthy lifestyle changes I learned to lose weight I can say are truly lifestyle habits I intend to keep!

Ok enough chit-chat! I have some cool stuff to share, too. (as if that all wasn’t cool enough 😉 ) As a gift to myself, I bought a necklace for reaching my goal weight last week. It showed up Tuesday:

progress not perfection

I am SO thrilled I get to wear this all the time! I even put my WeightWatchers Goal Star charm on there, too, just as another reminder of how far I’ve come. And because I’m sure you’re curious what my Progress Report looks like:

weight watchers 2-21-13

Because I changed the Weekly and Activity Points setting it shows me using all of the Weeklies but really I had 12 points remaining since I didn’t eat 4 points one day and I didn’t eat 8 Weeklies. Having 12 weeklies left over is  A LOT since normally I battle going over so this is further proof I had too many daily points.  As you can also see,  I also celebrated getting to goal a bit on Thurs-Sat… 😉 hey, it’s allowed!

One last thing I want to touch on – my Lent-o-lution of reducing sugar (even Splenda!) in my life. This week was rough! Even though I started on Ash Wednesday I put things on hold to celebrate my goal weight achievement and to eat some chocolate covered strawberries Nick bought me before he knew of my Lent-o-lution for Valentine’s Day. After I was all done with that it got really hard. The cravings were insane! I thought I was going to hit the TV if they showed one more ad for brownies or candy. Thankfully going to crossfit took my mind off of things but man was it really hard to get through that day! Once I got through that things have definitely mellowed out. I still want ice cream and candy and chocolate but I don’t feel the intense NEED for them like I did earlier in the week. I still wish I had only done a 2 week challenge vs all of Lent since Peeps will be coming out soon and dang I want some ice cream but oh well. I made the commitment and I know I can do it!

This weekend will be fun. Tomorrow I have my final dress fitting (dundundun!) and while I’m still nervous I’m not nearly as nervous as I was for the first one! Saturday I’m hanging out with Julie to make our sandal things for the wedding instead of shoes. Other than it being the last week of February, not much else is going on. 🙂


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