Kettlebell Friday/February WOD 2/22/13

This Friday was our last Kettlebell WOD of February. I warmed up with my skill set:

3 Rounds of:


5 Push ups

5 GHD situps

5 Push ups

5 L sit holds for 10 seconds

5 pull ups with the blue band

5 box jumps on the 24″ blue box

5 Double Unders

I did my skill set in 3 chunks of exercises so I didn’t have to walk all over the gym and disrupt the people working out. Then it was kettlebell time! Our warm up was to do 10 partial turkish get ups and 10 bench press like moves with each arm at max weight. We all maxed out fairly quickly since it was 10 reps.

The WOD itself was challenging:

For Time:

5 Turkish Getups (each side) <– used 12kg
20 Clean and Jerk (each side) <– used 16kg

30 High Pulls (each side) <– used 16kg
40 Snatches (each side) <– used 12kg

I decided this week to really push myself with the weight since I knew I was proficient enough now in the moves to go heavier. I also made sure to test out my proficiency with the heavier weight as we learned the moves just to see what was going to work best in the WOD. I didn’t have a great time but I didn’t care – I just was glad I felt like I got a real workout this time! I finished in 18:53.

I noticed in some exercises my left arm was stronger and sometimes my right was stronger. In terms of snatches, my right arm was more coordinated than my left but my left was stronger with the clean and jerk. Kind of neat to see where my weaknesses lie so I can work on each arm.

I have a new appreciation for kettlebell work but I still am not in love with kettlebell only WODs. Maybe once a month it’d be good to do, but I’d prefer not every week.


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