Maintenance Weigh In Week 2

Ok I have a few things to share this week:

1. I did not stick to my lent-o-lution. I gave it up. It was unrealistic for me and I became completely obsessed (and I’m not exaggerating) about sweets. To the point of unhealthiness. So I decided that was not a good lent-o-lution for me, kind of went a little overboard with treats over the weekend, and finally threw out the ice cream that was a big trigger food for me and am back in moderation land.

2. Because of all of this mental craziness I was not successful at staying at 30 daily points. It was more like 32… and I even went over my weeklies. I’m not thrilled but my frustrations/anxieties and challenges adapting mentally to maintenance I think are finally calming down and now I can seriously focus on 29 daily points and get it all under control again.

I did end up gaining this week. Another 1.2#. But my leader put me on 29 daily points this week and I’m finally not stressing about cookies and frivolous things like that. I have my meal planning all done and my groceries en route to my house so I can stay on track, too. I even threw out the ice cream that was triggering me to have some binge moments last weekend.

So I learned a few things – my life, when in balance, works well so why try and change it when I’m still in a phase of adapting/learning maintenance? Only if I really want to work on a new challenge once things are settled down will it really make more sense to do. I also learned that it takes me a while to get adjusted to new things – and that’s OK! In fact, it’s normal. I thought maintenance would be easier than losing but it has been a bigger challenge than I anticipated. That’s ok – just time to learn how to make it easier and feel more comfortable. That’s why WeightWatchers gives you 6 weeks to figure it out.

Onward with this week! I’m going to figure this out! Come hell or high water! 🙂


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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