Maintenance Week 3 Weigh In 3/7/13

Good news! I was down 0.6# this week! So the gaining trend is over!!! šŸ˜€ It also means I’m narrowing in on my perfect daily points target, too! I double checked with my leader and I’m going to do 1 more week at 29 Daily PointsPlus Values and reassess. I have a feeling I could creep up to 30 points a day after next week but I want to get back to 155 before I really start adding anything.

This past week was SO much better, too! Physically my body felt better and mentally I was feeling better, too. I spoke to my crossfit coach about my attempt at lessening my sugar and he suggested instead of such a big step to start just slowly lessening how much sugar/Splenda I use over time. And that kind of gradual lessening is something I can definitely do! So instead of giving up all together on my Lent-o-lution I’m going to revise it:

Instead of pouring Splenda on my food, I will measure it.

Instead of binging on treats, I will limit them to 1 a day.

My coach made mention that treats are OK! In fact a lot of elite athletes have treats. Some limit them to a certain day of the week, others just in volume or type. And I think I’m the latter half. I function better with a treat a day vs no treat until Saturday. So that’s my new plan of attack. Eventually I’d like to limit my Splenda usage to 3Tbs a day but for now I’ll settle for just measuring out how much I use with a Tablespoon so I can get an idea of where I stand with sugar substitute right now.

I feel so much more in control again with WW and my body! šŸ™‚ And just in time for the Crossfit Open Games!!! You’re going to be in for a treat after tonight’s WOD!


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