4/1/13 “The Chief”

Life is temporarily back to normal! And boy does it feel good! Nick and I went back to the gym yesterday for a great workout! I definitely could tell I took a week off afterwards but I feel whipped in that good way. Here’s what we did:



3 Rounds of “the Chief”

3 P.Clean (135/95) <– Rx
6 Push-Ups <– semi modified. I snaked them a little.
9 Squats <– Rx

Rest 1 minute & repeat

For the Thruster portion I really had to work on some details in my form. A friend in the class pointed out my knees were caving/pointing inward at times and then I got a tip to try and keep the momentum going to get the weight overhead in 1 movement. I ended with 88# as my 5 rep max.

Once we got to rest a little we did “The Chief”. I was SUPER proud of myself for doing the power cleans Rx!!! I hit that benchmark weight Evan was talking about! BOOYA! I managed to get:

3 + 13

3 + 2

3 + 5

For a total score of 9 + 20. I had a few missed power cleans and then I definitely started to feel fatigued towards the end but I’m glad I at least was consistently getting 3 rounds. We left the gym feeling like Jello. My body feels SO happy having been used and beaten up a little, too.

My plan for this week is to go light tonight and Wednesday so I can beast out on Thursday for 13.5. I don’t want to take a rest day since Nick and I leave for our wedding next week for a full week and I’ll be crossfit-less again! I’m thinking about bringing my jump rope and doing some travel WODs though. I haven’t picked any out yet. But I’m sure if I pick out at least 3 I can find time to do them in the hotel or on the beach. I’ll let you know how that goes later.


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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