4/23/13 WOD

Last night’s WOD was more jerk practice. I was kind of surprised since we just had a day last week working on front jerks but this WOD spent more time on front and back:

Heavy: Jerk

Jerk (Front)
Jerk (Back)

I ended up getting to about the same place for front and back in the 15min allotted for each side of 117.5/115. I could’ve gone heavier but we ran out of time and I did not want to ramp too quickly. I tend to always jump up the weight too quickly in 1 rep max work outs and then fail. So while I know I could’ve gone heavier I was glad I took my time and didn’t rush it. I also got to use my new wrist support straps! They made a WORLD of a difference! Not once did my wrists ache from lifting! I highly recommend getting some if you get sore wrists ever! They were $10 at Dick’s.

Afterwards we had the most torturous after party I’ve endured: 1 mile sandbag run (25#). It felt like the longest 1 mile ever. I was doing well with the bag until about half way. Then it got annoying and bulky and I couldn’t seem to get the bag in a good position no matter what I tried. I finished in  11:25 which was WAY faster than I thought I had run seeing how I stopped and walked a few times. All in all it was a good workout and I was glad to have a strict heavy lifting day.


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