Month of Challenges

So lately I’ve been struggling a lot with my nutrition. Frankly, I’m embarrassed by the number on the scale and how I’ve been eating. So when I  heard Crossfit Canton (the gym I went to while in GA) was doing a 5 week nutrition challenge that had tons of accountability I jumped on it. No, I don’t have a membership there but I did volunteer spending the $10 for the pot and not being  eligible for the prize at the end and I do plan on going to their gym for a week when we travel down there for the GA reception. I will be submitting my food journal via email each week, will be taking measurements at Diesel, and might even make some videos or pictures to give better representation of what I’m doing/how I’m doing.

My Team Kindling girls and I are also challenging each other to another event – 100 Days of Burpees. It started May 1st and will go through August 8th. Each day you do 1 more burpee than you did the day before. Example: on the 1st of May = 1 burpee, 2nd of May 2 burpees, etc etc until you reach 100. Around day 50-100 will suck. I’m going to hate it. But  since I have a whole group of friends doing this with me, I’m not too upset by it. I’ve already completed days 1 and 2 which has been easy. I foresee the first 31 days being not so bad. The second will start to suck. The last will be terrible. Luckily we don’t have to do them all in a row – we can split them up throughout the day. It will still be rough, but splitting it up will make it more manageable. And if I’m going to Crossfit 6-7 days, I can always do them there as a warm up/cool down.

Once I get all of my starting stats for the Crossfit Canton Quick & Derrty Challenge I’ll post them. This challenge officially starts tomorrow, May 4th. I am having the recipes/meals I picked out looked over by the Coach, Sharon, before I run to the grocery store so I make sure I’m doing it correctly and I’m praying I can figure out Paleo/Zone by the end of the challenge! Wish me luck!


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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