6/29/13 WOD

Still really sore from Angie on Thursday I decided to try and loosen things up on Saturday morning. I tried to foam roll things out and I think I did some good but MAN did it hurt!



5 Rounds for time


5 Front Squat (225/ 155) <– 100#
20 Double Under <– Rx

There was technically an option to do the squats from the rack if you couldn’t clean the weight you wanted to squat but I felt like that was cheating. Plus I needed to work on cleaning heavy anyway and it was only 5 times assuming I didn’t put the bar down. We also had a lot of people in class so we went in waves. My friend, Amy, went first and she said it was surprisingly tough. Only after the first round did I understand! The squats were HARD! Just cleaning the weight was HARD! Then the double unders in my lifting shoes were fatiguing to my quads and just in general.

By round 5 I was so ready to be done! I finished in 5:25.

The after party was dead lift work with your partner. You had to do as many lifts in like 15 seconds as possible for 7 min. Since Amy and I are on different lifting levels we compromised to do 100# so she could work on her heavy lifting and I went for speed. I managed to get 7 lifts per round = 49 dead lifts.

Nutrition Challenge

Today marks the first day of my group nutrition challenge! I’m really excited since I have so many friends doing it with me and we have incentive to be healthy with a nice little prize from our $5 buy in. And I stocked my kitchen up this weekend with healthy foods so I am ready to stay on track! I might not win, but at least I’ll put up a good fight!

I also was able to register for my first ever crossfit competition in September!! It is very limited (20 people per division) so I was worried I wouldn’t get in. Especially after the website wasn’t working!! But I got in! So now I am set!! 😀 I am SO excited! 2 months until my first competition but only 1 month until my first “event” at Running Dirty! This is going to be a fun next few months!


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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