7/1/13 Elizabeth [Benchmark WOD] Nutrition Challenge Start and Crossfit Competitions

Yesterday was busy! I started my day off registering for 2 crossfit competitions and starting the Nutrition Challenge with my friends from the gym  – all of which I’ll get to later.

Power Elizabeth


Power Cleans (135/ 95#) <– Rx

Ring Dips <– red band

I was not going to do the Rx weight but my friend pushed me to do it since 83# looked really light for me. I’m really glad she pushed me to do it, too. While it was definitely challenging, it wasn’t impossible and I still did well! The ring dips were so-so. Some I knew I didn’t lock out on but my arms just were not functioning by the 3rd round very well  so I just took what I could get. I finished in 9:07! Not too bad for pure torture 😉 I even got complimented on my Power Cleans! Not sure what I’ve done differently other than that rack mobility. *shrugs* I’ll take what I can get!

Nutrition Challenge Start

OMG I am so pumped to be doing this challenge! We can all see each other’s progress, too, since I made a shared spreadsheet for our food logs. I think it’ll really encourage us all to see “oh she’s eating well!” or “hmm that sounds good, I want to try that” It is also encouraging to know everyone is participating, too. Definitely love that!

Day 1 was a success and onward to day 2! I feel healthier already 😉

Crossfit Competitions

Lastly, the super exciting part of my day! I GOT INTO THE CROSSFIT COMP!! The competition registration opened yesterday at 10am and was limited to 20 people per division. After a bunch of website issues from everyone bombarding it I got my registration in!!! So it’s official! My first ever crossfit competition will be September 21st at Arenal Fitness for the Leader of the Pack competition!!! 

Then it got even better when I finally got a friend, Johnny, to agree to be my partner for another competition, The Capital Throwdown, on November 2nd in Alexandria, VA! It’s a partner competition and I’m psyched!

After I registered for that the reality of completing 4 WODs at each respective comp in 1 day hit me. I can barely do 1 WOD a day 5 times a week and I’m tired! How the heck am I going to do 4?? Thankfully I have some amazing resources in the crossfit community and got some great general advice:

1. Eat Well. Thank you Nutrition challenge!!

2. Sleep and drink lots of water. Already do this!

3. Add in 2 a day workouts. For this I’ll be doing twice a month 2 a days at the gym on Rookie nights. The Rookie class is always an AMRAP 10 so if I do my regular WOD at 6pm then the Rookie WOD at 7pm, that’ll be a great way to practice.

4. Try a 3 a day once just to see how your body reacts.

5. Start getting friends to No Rep you during WODs.

6. Practice with a lot of noise/commotion

7. Don’t kill  yourself the week of the competition and give yourself a couple active recovery days.

8. Have fun!

Most of the advice is easy to do. Nutrition, sleep, drinking water – easy peasy. Asking to be No repped – simple enough. I can no rep myself, too. It’s always noisy in the gym so that shouldn’t be anything new. And I always have fun! So for the 2 a days and 3 a days I’m going to spread them out so I don’t over do it in training. I’m only going to do 1 3 a day before each comp, too. 

I’m nervous but excited, too! Thankfully my partner, Johnny, is super excited, too, and is about my level if not a little more fit than me. It’ll be his first crossfit competition, too! 

The last few things I need to figure out are what to bring the day of – like food and water and helpful stuff wise (towels, ib profin). I’ll have a great cheering squad for sure but I need to research what sort of food to bring since I’ll most likely be there all day and will need to have fuel and what other helpful items I should pack like in case of injury. Or even things like chairs to sit in. Obviously I have time to plan those details out but just wanted to start getting an idea about it. 

I am SO EXCITED!!!!!


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