Training for a Crossfit Competition: First 2/day & 7/5/13 WOD

Today I decided to do my first 2/day. I saw the wod was just lifting and had a sick desire to work on my cardio and figured it’d be a good test for how things might go next week when I do wods back to back.

First Wod
Initially I was going to only run 3 miles but as I started the first mile my mind started wandering I got really bored. As I was people watching I saw some guys doing bench press and got jealous so I decided after a mile I’d go do a few sets. I struggled getting set up since planet fitness doesn’t have loose barbells and I hadn’t used a rack like that before. So I got to my “max” of what I think was 100#, did 3 sets of 3 and went back to the treadmill. I quickly learned why I struggled so much – I was using the bench backwards. Fail. So I decided after the next mile I’d try again.

I went for my second round of bench press the correct way and immediately realized I had probably flashed the whole gym inadvertently because I had a hole in my pants and bright underwear. Fail 2. But I did my reps and decided to do another round to say I had run 3 miles. The last round was the best in all respects.

3 rounds of:
1 mile run
3 sets of 3 @ 100#

I didn’t time myself at all but I know it took roughly 45min since I ran 10min/mi and had to rest between sets. I left feeling awesome though!!

Second Wod
About 6 hours later I went to diesel for the WOD:

Back squat 5 sets of 3-15 reps at a weight of your choice.

During our warmup I instantly felt the fatigue from the earlier workout. But I took it easy and headed to the racks. I decided to 5 sets of 5 @ 155# since that was more reps at that weight in a set than I normally do. It was such a small class that I basically got personally training! I worked on my squat depth and form/power coming up out of the squat. I did pretty well despite missing the last 3 reps on my last set. But it was because instead of going a little lower to break parallel I went way too deep and got stuck and it was a good learning session!


I am definitely tired! I also felt overly sensitive/emotional to things. Between workouts I didn’t do too much. I ate lunch and a snack and even took 5 min to shut my eyes. I felt fine leaving for the gym but I didn’t feel nearly as go lucky as normal. Almost like I needed a red bull.

Physically my body was ok with lifting but was super tired when it came to anything remotely cardio related. After lifting I could tell my body was done for the day, too. It’s 3 hours later and I am more than ready for bed so it’ll be interesting to see how I feel tomorrow.

I want to try to include drinking some protein powder between wods. And I’m curious if doing the workouts back to back will be easier or dramatically harder. I’m not sure if I’ll have time to even drink protein powder next week but we’ll see.

I’m so glad I’m doing 2/days now! My body is going to need to learn how to adjust and I doubt it’ll be adjusted in only a week or 2. Yay training ! Time to pass out. Literally.


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One Response to Training for a Crossfit Competition: First 2/day & 7/5/13 WOD

  1. Jillian says:

    You had me rolling on the floor with your Planet Fitness rounds 1&2!!!!

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