7/26/13 WOD

This week has been amazing! Did well all week and had some major PRs! The awesomeness continued on Friday when I did the WOD Rx when I didn’t expect it.

500m row
100 double unders
50 wall ball
10 power cleans 125#

Originally I was going to do 100# for the power cleans since in the past that has been a challenging weight for me. But then in warm up when my friend was ramping in order to do the WOD Rx I cleaned 100# and it felt rather light! I decided just to try 125# and it felt how 100# used to feel! So I went for it.

We went in heats since we only have 6 rowers and I went in heat 3 so as to give Sammi enough of a lead since we were sharing equipment. My row finished around 2:02 and my double unders were pretty good. I did sets of 10-20. Wall ball sucked. I no-repped myself a few times and did sets of 5. Then I approached the bar and did singles for the cleans. I only missed 1! I finished in 11:11! I was super proud of that!

I feel like I’ve gotten so strong in just a week! Not sure if it’s my diet or training 2/ days or maybe both? Either way I’m on a roll!


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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