8/1/13 WOD

The WOD last night was very similar to the WOD on Monday. A descending ladder of as many touch and go reps as possible at 4 different weights except this time it was squat snatch. The one lift I struggle with the most.

4 sets Max Rep – Touch And Go
Descending Squat Snatch:

Men: 185 – 155 – 135 – 115
Women: 123 – 103 – 93 – 83

Rest AMPULY between attempts

Note: If you cannot perform a load that
is listed, do multiple sets at one of
the lighter loads

Since I am no where near lifting heavy with this lift I focused on getting in good reps at low weights. I figured it’d be good mileage/practice. I was happy when I spent a lot of time at the 53# bar since that is a weight I haven’t been able to really do before. I did put up a score of : 7 @ 45/ 10 @ 35/ 10 @ 22 The rest of the class I would go back and forth between weights and really focus on technique. This move is very tough and thus frustrating for me. It was hard to even show up to class but since this is a move I want to get better at I figured I should face the frustration and just go.

Afterwards we did Tabata pull ups. I did 4 unassisted each round! 😀

Next time I am out and about will be at the Running Dirty Race in Frederick, MD! Then I’m off to GA for a week and back to my home box away from home, Crossfit Canton. Should be an exciting week!


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