8/3/13 Running Dirty Race Recap

On Saturday I met my friends, Sammi and Ponder, at Crumland Farms in Frederick, MD for a 4 mile mud/obstacle run called Running Dirty.



Sammi and I ended up running together since Ponder was a speed demon and had his friend with him anyway. As we started our run we hit our first obstacle: barbed wire mud crawl. Normally this obstacle is at the end of the run but this time it was first. The mud was so deep and thick that my pants had a hard time staying up and it felt like I was running with 10 extra pounds on me! What I loved about this race, though, was how many obstacles there were. Once we hit that first obstacle we hit something at least every quarter mile! That’s how I like to run!! Run for 5min, do an obstacle, run 5 min, do an obstacle. At every mile there was a water station which was much appreciated. The only criticism I have, though, is that they use BIGGER CUPS! They used the tiny dentist dixie cups! It was like taking shots of water and I had to take about 5 mini cups at every station just to feel like I drank anything! Talk about wasting cups!

The race thankfully wasn’t super packed with people so on 99% of the obstacles we didn’t have to wait for anyone to finish an obstacle and could attempt it as we approached it. The only obstacle that had a long line was the cargo net. I’m not sure why, either. I guess it was because it took a lot of the girls time and courage to get over the top of the net and come back down?? *shrugs* Sammi and I had no problem with it and honestly we only struggled on obstacles like walls or logs that were too tall or too slippery from the muddy, wet bodies who had attempted the obstacle before us. It really didn’t help having mud in our shoes for the entire run on obstacles like that, either.

The only other issue I had was that the mileage was wrong. The website claims it was a 4 mile run however my Garmin GPS watch hit 4.7 miles by the finish line. Granted I’d rather run more than less but it just frustrated me thinking we were almost done and then another half mile was actually left. Oh well.

Epic Fire Jump

Sammi and I thoroughly enjoyed our time clamoring around the course and attempting the obstacles 🙂 I definitely was thankful for Crossfit and the rock climbing skills I have from the past! While those skills weren’t necessary – they definitely made it easier!

After the race we attempted to shower until the fire truck had to go refill its tank with water and decided we were clean enough and headed home. We finished in a little over an hour according to my watch/chip and I feel like that was a good time considering the obstacles and our wait time at the cargo net climb! I have a feeling Running Dirty will seem like child’s play once we do the Civilian Military Combine in October but it was still good exercise and fun times with friends!


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4 Responses to 8/3/13 Running Dirty Race Recap

  1. You are hardcore! If I ever come back to MD, I’m going to pay you to be my trainer. 🙂 lol!

  2. Joe S says:

    They had the tiny cups in NJ too!

    • zimzimmie1 says:

      Sheesh! How stupid. I wonder what genius thought people running 5 miles would actually get hydrated off of a shot of water. I bet it was someone at the store thinking they would somehow save money by buying smaller cups…wrong!

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