8/6/13 CFC WOD

Nothing makes my day better than going to crossfit. It’s true. I look forward to the WODs and people and I love that even out of town I get have that good fun feeling.

Last night I felt like I was IN. I passed initiation (or whatever people subconsciously put new people through) and was really part of the group. I cheered classmates on who I don’t know, they cheered me on, and I just felt awesome!


HBBS: 1X8@65% (113#), 1X8@70 (120#), 1X6@80% (140#), 1X6@85% (150#)– rest 2 minutes. <– Back squat



4 rounds:

400m Run
5 Front squats @ 70% <– my 70% was 85# but that seemed too light so I did 100#

Rest 1:1

For total working time.

Note: Racks should not be used for front squats.  Also, there will be considerable rest time in between rounds if you don’t put forth the effort.  You should not itch to go again!

The running was the sucky part. And slow part. I swear, every crossfit gym has a 400m course with hills. Always hills! Sigh. Builds character, right? I ended up doing each and every round in 2:30min. So it made the time easy to calculate as I left at 5min, 10min, and 15min. I finished in 17:25. Next time I’ll try and run faster since while waiting 2 1/2 min each time was nice, it was too long. But I was happy I was consistent with my rounds.

I’m literally on my last page of my workout journal!! So glad I decided to order a new one from JournalMENU before I left town! I know it’s been delivered, too, and waiting for me when I get home. So excited 😀

This week I’ve been slipping with nutrition. There is temptation around me and I’ve been bored during my work hours. I finally really decided to stop and get back on track last night after my shower. So today I am going to pre-track my meals today, I’m getting back to my routine of getting up every hour, and I will allow myself to eat more fruit than normal since fruit > other foods I’ve been snacking on in the afternoons. I WILL do this!


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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