8/8/13 CFC WOD and Pull up Training

Yesterday I had a great day at Crossfit Canton! I showed up before 5pm to have a private session with Coach P. on my pull ups. Originally I wanted to learn how to butterfly but he needed to evaluate where I am with my shoulder health and pull ups NOW before we could talk butterfly. Since I haven’t shared this before because it hasn’t been an issue, I need to give you some history on my shoulders. They are what I call double jointed. I don’t know if they are truly double jointed or just screwed up but they can pop out of joint on command and not on command (usually from full arm extension either up or out). SO since that terrified Coach P a little (and grossed him out) we worked on shoulder PT exercises I can do that might help strengthen my shoulders so they don’t pop out of joint AND what I can work on with my pull ups now.

It comes down to doing strict – like dead hang strict – pull ups. And working towards 5 in a row. Then 10. Once I can do that, my kipping pull ups should be an astonishing feat to watch. I can’t say I’m not frustrated by that news. Here I was THRILLED to be finally going bandless and now I’m back to the band essentially working on strict, slow pull ups. ARGH!!! Sigh. I’m not totally bummed though. I know this will get me to Beast Mode. And that’s my ultimate goal. So guess what – I’m going to work on my pull ups. It’s GOING TO HAPPEN!

Some of the PT moves he taught me I can only describe as such:

  • The 90 degree rotation low and high. With a stretchy band (not pull up band but the Jane Fonda kind) get your shoulder set (this takes a little time for me) and back and then bend your forearm up to make a 90 degree angle with your arm on your side. Now rotate in and out. For the High rotation make your upper arm parallel to the floor in front of you and then bend your forearm up at 90 degrees. Hold your elbow with your other hand to steady it and then rotate your arm in and out again. Below is a really bad picture I drew in paint to sort of show what I mean.

90degree rotation

  •  Spread Eagle. This has you using both arms and using your back, you squeeze your shoulder blades together. Another crappy drawing is below:

spread eagle


  • Straight Arm Pulses. Holding my arms above my head and not letting my back arch or core get loose, do small pulses back and forth to work on the shoulder flexibility.

straight arm pulses


Other tips on my pull ups in general:

  1. Coming down from the kipping pull up, push the bar away to create an angle with my upper body and allow then the feet to come out in front to get back into a kip.
  2. Keep the core tight and control the kip. No floppy feet swings to get it!
  3. Work on Negative pull ups, too.

I loved the advice and I can’t wait to work on my shoulder mobility/strength and dead strict pull ups.

After our session was the WOD:



Power Clean (155/105) <– Rx


Toes to Bar <– mostly Rx with some K2Es

Notes: Sequence is: 1 Power Clean, 10 Toes to Bar, 2 Power Cleans, 9 Toes to bar…

Before class started I made a comment to the coach about how I was glad it was ‘only 105#’ for the Power Cleans so I could do it Rx and he laughed and said “only?! We only have a few women who can even clean 100#!” Perspective. lol! Yes, 105# is heavy but I’m just used to astronomical Rx weights like 125#! So I did do the WOD as prescribed for the weight and I did the first 10 T2B Rx!!! Booya! And unbroken! Hell yeah! The bulk I did K2E but at the end I did more T2Bs. My hands took a MAJOR beating too. I kept getting more tape because I felt my fingers ripping. My pinky finger was too late though. Sigh. SO now I’m left with 3 bulging blisters I need to pop and 1 ripped pinky 😦 EVERY time I go to CFC I rip. I even try to be proactive and I still rip. It’s sad. ANYWAY I finished in 13:47. I was one of the last athletes working towards the end there. It seemed all of a sudden everyone was done and sitting on the floor while the last of us worked. I felt a little better knowing the last of us were the ones doing Rx’ed weight or close to it while those who were done were the ones doing lighter weight.

We did some mobility afterwards and then I literally laughed out loud when I saw this sign:



The smiley face made me laugh the most! I simultaneously thought it was hilarious and feared for my life and the jump ropes. Gotta love CFC!



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