8/9/13 WOD

Tonight was my last WOD at CFC and nothing says Cya in the winter like a workout that leaves me sweating until i take a shower. Drenched. I don’t think i’ve ever sweat that much. Anywho we started class with BBG (barbell gymnastics) of back squat:

1 x 10 @ 60% (105#)
1 x 10 @ 65% (115#)
1 x 8 @ 70% (122#)
1 x 8 @ 75% (130#)

That last round was tough! I did attempt to keep my squat stance a smidge more narrow than Tuesday and i really can’t tell if it was better form or not.

Then it was WOD time:
5 rounds for time
15 lateral box jumps 20″
15 push press 75#
2 min rest

Round 1 put me in place. I thought this WOD was going to be easy. Silly me. The lateral jumps were tiring and made my legs jello. So then i didn’t want to dip and drive for the push press but i had no choice! Oy. Round 2 was rough but nothing hurt as bad as rounds 3 & 4! Omg i thought about all the ways to make it easier. I wished we only had 4 rounds and i wished i could box jump way faster. Round 5 I found some random reserve energy. I knew if I went fast I’d be done for the day and the torture would be over. I finished in 10:17. That’s subtracting the 8 minutes of rest.

I can’t believe how exhausting that was. Definitely quite the send off!  Cya next time CFC!


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