Ode to Crossfit (Boxes, Trainers, and Community)

I don’t normally post much outside of my daily WOD but today I am compelled to add some personal thoughts. Lately I’ve just been amazed at how awesome Crossfit is. Yes, I drink the Kool-Aid straight from the cooler tap (cooler keg stands, anyone??) and I even make some of my own to share (Everyone, I brought snacks!!). I’ve been doing Crossfit about 9 months now and while I’ve had some frustrating moments, I seem to always get through them and then get reminded why I love crossfit.

This week has been no exception. It’s hard going out of town and leaving your comfort zone. It’s hard to step up and go by yourself to a new place where you know exactly no one and workout like you’ve been going there for years and even break the ice by chatting with random people. It’s even harder when you’re not sure how you’re going to fit in. Crossfit is such a social activity. We warm up together, we workout in groups, we spot each other so we don’t die, and we encourage the crap out of each other even if we don’t know the other person’s first name. Nothing motivates me more than some random stranger yelling at me to keep going! (oh crap! they see me!) So it helps to feel like you fit in. What’s unique to Crossfit is the general mentality of Crossfitters – we are all there to get fit and we all love Crossfit. Ironically that is all any of us needs in common to get along. As many bloggers out there have said – we are like a cult. Friendly and without poisoned Kool-aid (I swear we only use sugar free too!) of course! I can’t say much about the clothes though since fashion is obviously important and I love having to keep track of which Reebok Lifters are mine since we all have the same colors.

When I first started Crossfit I knew no one. Honestly I didn’t even care, either, on day 1. And that mentality right there is what got me in the door. But I knew in order for me to continue long term with a box I would need to actually like the people who went there since I’d have to interact with people in class. Literally it took me 10min of day 1 at Crossfit Diesel to know I was going to fit in and love Crossfit for a long time. Every coach I have ever met has been approachable for questions/advice. Every coach, no matter their personality type, has helped me in any way he/she can regardless of how long they have known me. Every coach has made me feel cared for on a personal level even if they go home that night and completely forget they helped me. (Sara, who?)

The first time I went to Crossfit Canton I was scared. I am actually a shy person (hard to believe, I know) and I was so nervous I wouldn’t fit in to the already established cliques or they’d all think I was so bad at Crossfit they would make fun of me. But I put on my outgoing face (aka man pants) and decided to be brave and take a chance. I wanted to workout while I was out of town and if I wanted that then I needed to just go and not care what anyone thought of my abilities. Worst case scenario I would never see them again. I was also worried that they would teach me completely different than at home and confuse the daylights out of me. OR, even worse, say I was being taught all wrong and then not know who was actually right! But again, in the first 10min of being at Crossfit Canton, someone noticed I was new and introduced themself. Within the first workout I got attention from the coaches just like I got at home, if not more since I was new, and felt cared for. And after that week I felt like I belonged. Now I feel comfortable stalking them online (don’t judge) and waltzing in like I am a real member every time I’m in GA for a week’s worth of WODs and advice.

I have done a few sports in my life time and only Crossfit seems to translate universally. No matter which Crossfit I go to – I’m at home with like minded athletes. Every box I go to they train the same movements.  And it’s so true what Reece Witherspoon says in Legally Blonde “Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don’t shoot their husbands, they just don’t.” and Crossfit is full of happy people (with a very low murder rate, too 😉 )!

So I guess what I’m getting at is I Love Crossfit! And I especially love the 2 boxes I call mine – Crossfit Diesel and Crossfit Canton. No matter how many times I am in or out of town, both boxes make me feel loved. And without the awesome coaches (shout out to Coach Evan and Coach Pierce!) and my awesome friends I wouldn’t be able to push myself as much as I have. I wouldn’t be motivated to keep going when I get frustrated. And I’d probably not love Crossfit as much as I do. So if anyone ever finds my blog who knows me personally from either box, THANK YOU! YOU have helped me love Crossfit and made me a better athlete! And YOU ARE AWESOME!


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