8/13/13 WOD

First of all I can’t believe I forgot to brag about my new shoes!!! My Mom got me custom Reebok Nanos 2.0!!! They finally arrived on Monday and I LOVE them!



Pink and purple heaven!! šŸ˜€ They are functional too and very versatile! ā¤

Nutrition Session

Yesterday I started off with a Nutrition Session follow up with Susan. I seriously slacked last week while I was away. Ā So Susan helped me get back on track NOW for my comp in 5 weeks and helped me find some healthier swaps for snacks I was turning to that weren’t exactly the best choices. For example, instead of Weight Watcher pretzel thins or crisps to have almonds. And to try waiting 20 min after the main part of my lunch to see if I really am still hungry. She also suggested I try turning to apples instead of the WW mini bars (candy) and only have 1 piece of fruit with breakfast instead of 2.

She also suggested that I start eating cleaner now up until the competition so my body is used to fueling itself this way versus 2 weeks before.


After the warm up we went over the WOD:


2 Muscle-UpsĀ <– in a band hammock

5 HandStand Push-UpsĀ <– 2 ab mats. by the middle/end I was doing like millimeter HSPU

15 SquatsĀ <– Rx

This WOD was really fatiguing. It was hard because I was limited in my physical capabilities to do these movements. I felt like I was moving so slowly and just getting into my band for my modded Muscle Ups took forever. I did end up completingĀ 9+2 rounds somehow. It was a lot of core work for sure! We were told this was Diesel’s homage to Cindy and to expect to see it again. Lucky us.

It was kind of nice, though, to get in some practice of these body weight movements that we don’t often get to practice. I hope next time I can get through the rounds a little better.


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