8/19/13 WOD

Yesterday I was in a sour mood. I didn’t feel like I really had a plan of attack on the WOD despite staring at it all day and even when I got to the gym I just felt like I was all over the place. Case of the Mondays?


15 Snatch (135/ 95#) <– 72#

15 Muscle-Ups <– 1:1 pull ups and ring dips (with band)

15 Thrusters (135/ 95#) <– 72#

15 Handstand Push-Ups <– millimeter HSPUs

15 Clean & Jerk (135/ 95#) <– 72#

We had to use the same bar and load for all of the lifts. So naturally my snatch dictated the weight. I knew I could do 72# and so that’s what I did. It was actually a good challenging weight for me, too! The gymnastics stuff was where I went haphazard. I had originally wanted to do sling muscle ups for the scale but then the coach made it sound like if I can’t do that really well yet to do pull ups and ring dips. He also said I could do 1 pullup and 1 ring dip for every muscle up. Well by the time I got there it was kind  of crowded by the rings/pull up bars so I did all of my pull ups and then did all of my dips instead of 1 then the other. The thrusters were tough and then that made the HSPUs even tougher. My shoulders were not loving me at this point. I had 2 ab mats out for it but never did I really hit full depth. I just was feeling weak after all of the other shoulder junk. Oh well – I did it I guess. The Clean and Jerks by this point were just frustrating. 72# is light for me to clean and jerk yet I struggled. I ended up finishing in 11:53. I think that was a fairly decent time but I think I should’ve done a harder Muscle Up scale and tried to go down further on my HSPUs. 

We worked on muscle ups after class, too, for literally 2 min.

I just didn’t feel awesome after that workout. Sometimes I think I let the coach get in my head and mess up a perfectly good plan of attack/scale for me. *shrugs* what can I do? it’s over now. And I’m not going to lie – my mood this week isn’t the best. I’m super nervous for tomorrow’s 3 / day attempt. It’s totally messing with my head. I also have a few other distractions going on that aren’t helping and in general I keep doubting myself. Where is my confidence??? COME BACK!!!!


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