Training for a Crossfit Competition: 3/day WOD

Yesterday was a true test of my fitness and training and dedication. I decided with it being exactly 1 month out from the Leader of the Pack competition I should do a day with 3 workouts in it to simulate the competition day to a degree. I am only doing this once before the competition since I need a taper week and I don’t want to exhaust myself so close to competition.

The plan of attack was 3 WODs – 6am, 12pm, 7pm. In between I’d see how my body reacted and recovered and learn what I need to do on competition day.

The 6am WOD was tough. Thankfully the earliest WOD at the competition will be like 9am! I woke up at 4:45am and only had time for coffee. I wasn’t very hungry for food. I got to the gym at 5:40am and felt sluggish. I did some stretching and only until after the warm up of 2 x 250m row, 30 box jumps, and 15 attempted sots press did my body feel like it was waking up. Of course then I got hungry. Typical.

WOD 1:


Pistols (alternating) <– used approximately an 18″ box and was able to touch and go!

Sumo-Deadlift High-Pull (95/ 65) <– Rx

I’m not sure if it was because it was the morning or what but I sweat SO MUCH! I was dripping! I never drip! Normally I also try and use a much lower box for pistols but I wanted to try and just go low enough that I was able to just touch the box vs sitting, re positioning, and standing back up. It was still hard but I was able to move much faster. I finished in 8:48.

I got home and walked the dogs around the block. I feel like this was actually very beneficial because it kept my muscles from getting stiff/sore. So after the workouts at the comp I need to do a form of active recovery/cool down like a walk or very slow row.

Then I ate breakfast. And then the perpetual hunger began. I was hungry all day. ALL DAY! I felt like I ate pretty well, however, I think I needed to eat more protein and carbs. All I kept craving was carbs.  I drank 3 Nalgene’s worth (I have a 48oz Nalgene) of water, a Propel Sports drink that served 2.5, a SObeLife Water drink, and some pedialyte. Yet by the last WOD it wasn’t enough because I started cramping. If I learned anything from yesterday, it’s I NEED MORE HYDRATION!!!

Noon approached and it was time for WOD 2:

20 min incline walk

I hit the treadmill and set it at  3.5 mph (I am not a fast walker) and steadily increased the incline until I hit incline 11 at minute 12. Then every minute I took it down 1 incline until the last minute when I hit 0. It was not tough at all. It sort of felt like the same exertion I would do if I did a heavy lifting WOD. I came home and ate a large salad with chicken for lunch and more water/sports drinks. I took the opportunity to lie down but not sleep for a little bit, too, and I feel like it helped me relax and rest a little bit. I also iced my knee since it’s been acting a little weird lately.

Finally it was time for WOD 3:


10 Air Squats

10 SDHP <– 65#

10 Push Press <– 65#

Since this was a Rookie’s class we took it easy on the warm up but it was really beneficial for me to do. I need to remember to do light warm ups after sitting and resting for a while! I was starting to feel tired but at the same time I didn’t feel SUPER fatigued like I imagined I would be by this time. I managed to bust out 6 rounds!  I was really surprised but proud of myself for that! That’s a score I’d put up fresh!

I have to admit, the Rookie’s WOD was the toughest of the day! I’m not sure if it was the moves, the fact that with AMRAP I go faster, or if I was tired from the rest of the day but it really got me! I am officially sore, I’m still pretty hungry, and I am definitely in need of a rest day but I did SO well doing 3 WODs in 1 day that my confidence for next month is back to being sky high!

Some things I learned from doing 3 WODs:

  1. MORE WATER! By the last WOD I started to cramp up. This cannot happen at the comp. I need to anticipate bringing more electrolytes and plain pure water and just pump it all day long. I thought I had drank enough but I didn’t.
  2. Lots of food! I was hungry ALL DAY LONG! I thought I would only need small snacks for the comp but no – I need FOOD. Real food and a lot of it so I can eat it in small amounts so I don’t get overly full.
  3. Warm ups. I need to do warm ups before every WOD at the comp. Nothing too crazy but just something to get moving again after sitting for so long.
  4. Underwear. The only real wardrobe change I needed (I forced myself not to take showers to simulate the conditions of the day) was underwear and probably socks. After each WOD I need to change them and after each WOD I need to go shoe-less.
  5. I’m going to pee a lot. Pushing so many fluids is going to make me pee. I think I hit the bathroom at least every hour if not more. So I need to remember to pee before every workout so I’m not causing a scene peeing myself during the WOD! that’d be mortifying!
  6. Cool Downs. I need to remember cooling down after a workout is just as important as doing warm ups so I don’t get stiff or sore. Just a walk around the block for a few minutes will be enough.

I did so well yesterday! I really feel like all of the training I’m doing thus far has gotten me prepared for this competition! I feel strong, I feel fit, and I feel like my body is capable of going through 4 workouts in 1 day in a month. I’m glad I have another month to train, though. I will do 1 more 2/day before the comp in 2 weeks and then that’ll be it – time to start tapering 🙂 My biggest focus now is to continue to work on my nutrition and just make sure I take care of myself this last month.


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