8/25/13 WOD at home

I wanted to go to the Endurance WOD this morning however I also wanted to sleep in. Kind of a paradox so I checked the website to see what the WOD was and decided if I couldn’t make it to the track I could still do this WOD on my own without much prodding. After I slept in, walked the dogs, ate breakfast, and then slowly got my butt off of the couch and to the gym I did the WOD:

As many rounds as possible in 30 minutes of:

400 meter run

25 Squats

25 Situps

I had a couple of technical difficulties using the treadmill – I accidentally hit the emergency stop button after the first  round – but most of the time it was rather seamless. I got in 6 + 1 rounds. I was happy that I also maintained a 9:30min/mi the whole time and it felt sort of easy to maintain. I’m getting faster! Normally I run a 10min/mi as my easy/slow pace. I probably could’ve gone faster but I wasn’t sure how it was going to feel after the first few rounds and I’d rather maintain than slow down each time. I’m happy I got to do this WOD and sleep in 😉 Best Sunday ever!


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