8/26/13 Nicole [Benchmark WOD]

I had never heard of Nicole. Normally you only hear of Fran, Angie, Elizabeth, Isabelle, etc etc. But last night I met Nicole. She, like her other gal pals, is a bitch.


Complete as many rounds in 20 minutes as you can of:

Run 400 meters <– Rx
Max rep Pull-ups <– Rx

It felt good and bad knowing I could do this WOD Rx. I envisioned myself getting 2 pull ups per round and running most of the 20min and only getting about 15-20 pull ups for my score. What happened, though, was crazy. The first 4 rounds I got 9 pull ups unbroken! 9! Rounds 5 and 6 I got 6 pull ups. Where the hell this came from, I have no idea but I’m LOVING IT! My total score was 6/48! (rounds/pull ups) 48!! That is crazy to me! 😀 And wonderful! And awesome! And amazing! In my opinion I feel like I have made more improvements in Crossfit in these past couple months while I’ve been training for a competition than I have in the past 8 months of doing crossfit! Which goes to show you the more you practice the better you get 🙂

After class I headed over to Road Runner Sports store. I wanted to look for a knee sleeve, KT tape, shot blocks, and just look around in general. They didn’t have knee sleeves like I was looking for but I got this loot:

road runner loot


Included is:

KT Tape

3 packs of Shot Blocks

Honey Stinger energy chews

Nuun vitamin tabs

GU electrolyte tabs

I had heard good things about KT tape and while pretty expensive I decided to try it out. I taped my knee this morning actually and so far it feels really good! I’m amazed at how supportive this tape is! The Shot Blocks and Honey Stinger chews are something I want to try next week when I do my last 3/day for an easy energy source. They are essentially gummies with caffeine. As I was leaving I saw the GU electrolyte tabs and Nuun tabs. All you do is drop them in water and presto – electrolyte water! I don’t think Nuun is actually electrolytes, though. I think it’s just vitamins. GU definitely is for hydration though. So we shall see how it works next week!



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2 Responses to 8/26/13 Nicole [Benchmark WOD]

  1. Have you tried the shot blocks yet? I’ve never used them working out. They gave me some in a race packet and I just kind of ate them at the end because I was hungry >_<. Let us know how they work out!

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