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I’ve been aching to expand some of my blog posts to other topics than just what my workout was and how I did. So today I took a look at my older blog I used to keep about horseback riding (I rode for 22 years) that seemed so easy to write about (probably because I’d done it my whole life) to get some inspiration for this blog.

Lately I realized I’ve stopped buying fun horse supplies and have started accumulating fun Crossfit gear and I thought others might be interested in what I use/love.

OMG Shoes!

Every woman loves shoes and crossfit opened the door for me to buy at least 2 pairs of required footwear. Ok ok so you don’t need to buy shoes for Crossfit but after going to the gym almost a year I wanted to try some of the cool footwear I saw other people sporting.

Reebok Nano 2.0

I have shared before that I recently got custom Reebok Nanos and I must say I love them! I know the Nano 3.0 is currently out, too, but for my first Crossfit shoe I figured I should get a shoe people actually had and could give me a recommendation for. The reason I love them, other than that they are pretty, but the versatility of the shoe is awesome. They are light weight, stable, and yet flexible for different aspects of Crossfit (i.e. running, lifting, gymnastic moves). These fit me true to size and the toe box is very spacious!


Reebok Lifters

As I started doing more lifting and getting into Powerlifting I noticed a lot of other people had special shoes. It took me a while to actually buy these because they were on the pricey side and I really didn’t know if they would help me or not. I finally decided to give them a shot when I got a very generous gift certificate for Rogue Fitness from some friends and could try them on while at the 2013 Mid-Atlantic Regionals. I am very glad I waited to try them on, too, as I needed to order a half size smaller than I normally wear. Seems odd that Reebok makes both the Lifter and the Nano yet they fit completely differently but that’s how it goes. Contrary to the Nano, the Lifter shoe box is much narrower but not too narrow. I really like the Lifters for squatting and heavy lifting (except deadlifts! do not use for deadlifts!). They aren’t miracle shoes but they do help stabilize me and help me get deeper into my squat.


Reebok One

Yes, I own yet a third pair of shoes. I got the Ones when I was waiting for my Nanos to arrive and I love these just as much as my Nanos! So if you want the feel of a Nano without paying the price, I suggest the Ones! You can get them on Love them! They also fit true to size.



Most of my gym clothes are a culmination of old t-shirts, shirts from Target, tanks from WODlove, Life as Rx, shirts from Reebok, capris from COSTCO, shorts from Under Armour, capris from Nike and Reebok, and shorts from Target . Lately I am in love with tank tops. Witty silly ones, too. Normally I’m a tshirt girl but with the humidity of the summer and finally finding some cute tanks, I’ve switched over to tanks.  I also love my Reebok tshirts because they fit really well for an athlete’s build who actually has muscles. I don’t love any specific brand of clothes, honestly, but I am a sucker for walking into Dick’s Sporting Goods and throwing about $150 out on a few new threads. And I have to admit, Under Armour sports bras are pretty clutch! Since I can’t afford to buy UA, Reebok, Nike clothing every season I frequently raid the Clearance racks at Dick’s. I’ve gotten a bunch of great stuff from there so don’t just walk past.

My other love is socks. Ankle socks, tall socks – love them both. And I love them in BRIGHT fun colors and patterns! For Christmas last year I requested as many socks as people could possibly buy me. I never request something like socks for Christmas! I’m totally head over heels (*rim shot*) for Reebok’s crazy neon socks and I love some of Target’s crazy knee socks. Sometimes I wear knee socks just for fun and other times it is for function (aka rope climbs). Every crossfitter should own at least 1 pair of tall socks.

Other Gear

Aside from clothes and shoes I also invested in a few other products that I feel have enhanced my Crossfitting:

WOD Journal

While I workout I write notes and the workout in my journal. I got mine from and love how much customization they have and how quickly they ship the journal. You can customize the journal down to the color of the spine! It’s been a life saver for keeping track of my stats and rounds while I’m working out. Plus there are some pretty neat tips (if you want them) in there, too.

Wrist Straps

I used to experience some serious wrist pain/soreness when doing a lot of olympic lifting. I finally invested in some cheap $10 wrist straps from Dick’s and haven’t had soreness since! So if you have sensitive wrists or are experiencing soreness while working out I highly recommend getting some of these bad boys! There are a ton of options out there for straps but I was looking for cheap and easy and Dick’s supplied it! Granted now I can’t find them listed on their site so here are some from Rogue Fitness that would be a good purchase, too.

Jump Rope

I used to suck at double unders. It used to bother me immensely that I would get different length jump ropes every WOD because I couldn’t tell them apart or someone else would grab it before me. It severely hindered my Double Under progress. So for Christmas I asked for a jump rope thinking all jump ropes were made the same. I got one from Dick’s by Rage and while I am really good at double unders now, I also now understand there are many different types and styles of ropes out there. But just having a consistent rope makes a HUGE difference so if you aren’t sure if you should get a rope, get one! I don’t really care which one – just get one so you can get better at double unders.


I love tape! I can’t get enough of it! It is a life saver when it comes to pull ups, rough barbells, and general hand and finger tenderness. I tape any time I feel like my hand or finger might rip. Usually by then it’s too late but the tape does generally help. I make grips out of the tape and I use it as a protector when my hands are healing. For general use I just buy a big pack of the ugly white tape. But for special occasions I’ll use the expensive pretty tape. I love that the tape sticks but doesn’t rip your skin or hair out and it’s cloth-like so there is some flexibility and room for some motion.


Speaking of tape, I recently tried KT tap (kinesiology theraputic tape). LOVE it! It’s like wearing a brace without the thickness or bulkiness of a brace. AND you can put it in spots there might not even be a brace for! It’s definitely pricey, though, so be warned but it does work. Because it is so expensive I don’t use it on a daily basis or go through it like my athletic tape but I like knowing I have it. The instructional videos on the website are really helpful and I love the colors you can get the tape in.



I think that about covers my Crossfit specific gear for right now 🙂 I hope this was helpful for newer Crossfitters or Crossfitters who are considering trying out new gear or adding gear to their stock pile. I’m sure this list of gear will change and when it does I will do an updated post. I think the next post I’ll do will be Crossfit Foods I Love – however I need to get that dialed in first. 😉 One day!!


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