8/29/13 Death By Pull ups & Dips

Yesterday’s WOD was a good one. It shows how much volume of a skill you can really take. Last time I did a workout like this it was Death by Power Cleans and I remember how tough that got by the 11min mark!

Death By:
Muscle-Ups / rest, then / HSPU

Or Scaled as:

Death By:
Pull-Ups / rest, then / Dips (or Strict Push-Ups) <– Pull ups were unassisted, Dips used a red band

Clearly I didn’t do the Rx version of the WOD. But I still got in some good volume for my pull ups and ring dips. For the Pull ups I started strict. I got through 4 rounds (or 10 pull ups) strict before I couldn’t do anymore and switched to kipping. I completed 10 total rounds + 7 = 62 total pull ups. I got pretty sloppy towards the end and ripped my hands 😦 I should’ve stopped earlier. Oh well. We rested for 5 min before moving onto dips. I got through 8 rounds + 5 reps = 41 total dips. Not too shabby but I did hope to get through more. Oh well.

That was about all we did for the class. Having ripped my hands I have forced myself to take a rest day to let them heal so I can participate in the Labor Day HERO WOD. I will still go workout today on my own, it just won’t be at Crossfit Diesel because the WOD requires you to use your hands and I don’t want to make them worse.


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