9/3/13 WOD

Yesterday’s WOD was deceiving. It looked simple and dare I say, easy, to complete. Then as we were getting our stations set up I started to realize how difficult this was going to end up being.

3 Rounds for time

40 Kettlebell Swings (53/ 35#) <– Rx
20 Toes To Bar <– Made sure they were quality K2E
10 Box Jump (30/ 24″) <– Rx

I soon realized how grip intensive this workout was. It wasn’t that I couldn’t complete the moves, it’s that after 40 KBS holding onto a bar to do any variation of T2B for 20 reps was nearly impossible. Then after you pumped out your forearms on the pull up bar you had to somehow muster up the coordination to make them work for extra high box jumps. All in all I made it through and finished in 14:47. I had hoped to finish closer to the 12min mark but the K2Es took forever to get through. Oh well.

Afterwards we did an EMOM 6 of 2 different gymnastic moves. I chose plank and strict push up (not sure why since my shoulders were pretty annoyed with me by then…). And then after class a few of us headed to Frisco’s Tap house for dinner/drinks and so I could talk strategy with my partner, Johnny, who I will compete with in November at the Capital Throwdown. With only a couple of months left we needed to make up a rough training plan and agreed we’d both stick to going to the gym consistently and then throw in a couple 2/days and a couple partner WODs during Open Gym on Friday evenings. We just need to work together so on competition day we know each others strengths/weaknesses and can make appropriate strategies for the WODs. But first I need to focus on my own competition coming up in a couple of weeks before I start shifting focus on the Capital Throwdown. 🙂


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