Training for a Crossfit Competition: Mock Competition Day Take 2

Seeing how my first attempt at a 3/day didn’t go over so well (my eating sucked!) and I hardly planned that day at all I decided I needed to do 1 more Mock Competition Day before my competition to dial in my nutrition and really see how my body would react.

I made plans with my nutritionist, Susan, to help write me up a menu for the day and I picked short sprint workouts to do throughout the day spaced no more than 3 hours apart. This is what I’m expecting will resemble the competition the most. So then I made a plan of attack:

mock comp plan a


I even went grocery shopping the day before to ensure I had all of the right foods available to me. And I made sure to buy a new Blender Bottle for my protein shakes since I won’t be bringing a blender to the competition šŸ˜‰


I woke up at my normal time and got dressed and walked/fed the dogs. Normally I do a chore or 2 and log on to my computer for work and don’t start breakfast until after 8am, but today I made sure to make food right away. I made a scramble with 2 slices of turkey bacon, some onion, 2 egg whites and 1 egg. I also filled up my 48 oz Nalgene bottle to have some water along side. I am hoping/assuming I can cook my breakfast before I leave on competition day. If not, I can always pre-make some eggs and just eat it cold in the car.


At 8:45am I walked over to Planet Fitness for my first WOD. I planned to do a WOD I actually found on Arenal Fitness‘ blog:


Kettlebell Swings 35#


I used a dumbbell for the KBS since PF doesn’t have any and set my stopwatch on my phone. I finished inĀ 5:55. I felt like it was SUPER fast but I could’ve pushed harder on my burpees. Afterwards I walked home and drank a 1/2 scoop of protein powder with water ASAP. My energy levels were way up when I finished but were slowly starting to drop as I calmed down and my excitement for the day kind of cooled off. I ate someĀ Shot BlocksĀ (OMG SO YUMMY!)Ā around 10am to help keep my energy going before making my snack of:Ā greek yogurt, 1/8c protein granola, 1/4c walnuts, and blueberries. That snack hit the spot! So good!


AtĀ 11:45am I headed back to PF for WOD 2:

1 mile run

I made sure I was pushing my speed the entire time and even started off around 7.0 when I normally start around 6.3. I finished my mile inĀ 8:25! For me, that is a fast mile! And I felt I could’ve even gone faster at least towards the end. I felt good! I had my second protein shake when I got home and then made a really yummy lunch:Ā whole wheat tortilla with a 100 wholly guacamole pack smeared on it, I also added coleslaw veggies and chicken with a drizzle of lite Sesame Ginger dressing. SO GOOD and filling! And this will be easy to premake or assemble the day of the competition! I also decided now was a good time to drink myĀ G2.Ā 

At around 2pm I got hungry. I didn’t really have another snack lined up so I moved my late afternoon snack to then: 1/4c walnuts and a pint of blackberries. I also had 3 more Shot blocks.


AtĀ 2:45pm I headed to PF for WOD 3. At this point I was starting to feel tired and not as enthusiastic to get up and go workout but I had enough energy to still go do it:


Thrusters (70#)

Strict Pull ups (with assistance machine)

The only barbells that PF has are preset and go up to 60#. While that probably would’ve sufficed I wanted to go a little heavier. I grabbed the 2 35# dumbbells and dragged them over to the pull up machine. The dumbbells at PF suck. The bars are super fat and slippery despite the knurling depicted on them and the ends of the weights were so comically big that it made it awkward to actually use for anything other than bicep curls. So my thrusters weren’t exactly real thrusters but I went through the motions. And the strict pull ups were awkward because of how they have the handles on that stupid pull up assistance machine. I set the assistance to the 10 bar which I believe was 54# of assistance or something. It was tough. I finished inĀ 9:28.Ā 

I drank more protein powder and actually had a cheese stick around 4pm since I was kind of hungry before I left for Crossfit Diesel’s WOD and my WOD 4.



10 Snatch (135/ 95)Ā <– Bwahahaha! I did 65#
30 Double-UnderĀ <– Rx

By the time this WOD began I was definitely starting to feel tired. I felt like I was moving in slow motion and I was just trying to make the best of what was left in my training day. Surprisingly though I managed to bang outĀ 6 + 6 rounds. I didn’t honestly expect that many but I’m very pleased! My DUs were pretty good but just being so tired I couldn’t string more than 15 in a row. My snatch form was fine but, like I said, I was just plain tired so touch and go weren’t really happening for more than 2-3. I made sure to pack more protein powder and drank my last shake of the day on my drive home before I showered and made dinner: approximatelyĀ 2-3 cups of coleslaw with a chicken thigh cut up on top drizzled with lite ginger sesame dressing. I was still a smidge hungry so I treated myself to a Jello Birthday Cake flavored pudding before passing out.


All in all I would call the day a HUGE improvement from last time and a big success! I wasn’t ever super hungry nor was I ever super full. In terms of Weight Watcher points, I ate Ā A LOT – but I feel like everything I ate was needed and healthy. In case you’re curious I earnedĀ 9 Activity Points per my ActiveLink and of my daily 29 points plus allotment I ate that plus an extra 30 points worth of food (minus the 9 = 25). I get the feeling I won’t really be losing weight this week but I’m not too upset about it because I know what I ate yesterday was necessary.

I am now SUPER excited to hit the Leader of the Pack competition head on! I even bought a funny shirt to wear for the comp:

one man wolf pack



I feel like I have everything dialed in and I am fit enough to survive a Crossfit Competition! I’ll probably still freak out in a week or so when I need to start precooking and packing the car but at least for the rest of this week I can finally relax and feel confident in my abilities as a Crossfit Competitive Athlete! šŸ˜€


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