Training for a Crossfit Competition: The Final 2 Weeks

OMG OMG OMG! 2 weeks are standing between me and my first ever Crossfit Competition! EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE! *girly squeal* And thankfully updates are being disclosed slowly, too.

Update 1: Registration is really closed now. Um… FINALLY! Sheesh! Took long enough for them to completely shut down registration.

Update 2: Food. 2 vendors will be there for breakfast and lunch. I’m not relying on it since there wasn’t a menu and I don’t want to mess up my diet that I finally dialed in. My Mom and friends, however, will probably really appreciate the on-site food so they won’t have to leave a crazed athlete  me.

Update 3: Gear for sale. Sorinex is not only a sponsor for the competition but they are also providing some gear for the comp and then selling it at a discounted price. I am tempted to buy a barbell but I want to see/hold/inspect them before saying yes I want it. They also have kettle bells and Husafell Stones for sale. Arenal put in a tiny note saying that this was our first hint as to what the WODs may entail. Barbells and kettle bells don’t worry me but Husafell Stones?! Ummm I’ve never seen one in real life let alone know how to use one! This worries me a crapton smidge. My gym doesn’t have one for me to even practice on, either, just to know how to pick it up. I think I might know of a local gym with one, though…and I have decided to reach out to them to ask if they’d be willing to give me a tutorial of sorts on it just to get a feel for it. After some research I have learned a few things: unloaded the Husafell stone weighs 80#. It can be held against your chest for a walk or stagnant hold or held at the top for a Farmer’s carry. 80# really isn’t all too heavy so I’m thinking my division might actually use it for one of the WODs and I want to feel confident picking it up and moving and not walking up to it on competition day thinking “oh gosh, how am I going to attack this?” when I have enough stress already.

Update 4: Meet the Athletes. The list of athletes was posted yesterday and my name was on the list. I obviously expected it but at the same time seeing my name made the competition a little more real. 🙂 I also tried to stalk search for the other girls in my division on facebook but it really didn’t accomplish much other than seeing photos of them doing crossfit or hanging out with their dogs/family. I did learn, however, that some of them have done some long distance running (something I do not do) and just confirmed my strategy of going hard with the weight lifting so I can make up time on the gymnastics/running that will be in the WODs.

That’s all for now. Outside of these updates I’m trying to keep my cool and focus on the week ahead. My plan is to treat this week as a normal week (i.e. 4-5 WODs) without adding extra work and making sure not to rip my hands or hurt myself. I’m also continuing to keep my nutrition under control. This has undoubtedly been the hardest part of training for me but I feel much more confident about what works and what doesn’t now.


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