9/14/13 2013 Crossfit Regionals Team WOD

Team WODs are fun to me! I like working with other people and it mixes up the normal individual work. Today we worked in 4-5 person groups to complete:

30 wall ball 14# to 10′ target
30 chest to bar pull ups
30 alternating pistols
30 one arm dumbbell snatches

I went 3rd in the line up and felt it was a good place for me. I went Rx for wall ball but used a red band for pull ups, a red box with a 45# plate for pistols, and 35# for the snatches. It was still as tough as I remember except since we were in a team I got some built in rests since I sometimes had to wait for the person before me to finish. As a team we finished in 18:24. Not too bad considering we should’ve put our fastest member last and not first but oh well.

After class we worked on one arm dumbbell overhead squats. They were so hard! I didn’t go down far enough at all!

Taper Week
Today marks exactly 1 week until my first competition!!! I’m actually excited for taper week this week, too! I’m going to probably be bored a couple of evenings but I am throwing in some horseback riding and mobility classes to keep busy and moving. I have healthy food stocked up and I’m so excited for the big day! I will also be visiting another gym for a tutorial on the husafell stone on Monday evening that I’m excited about and I also registered for my first powerlifting meet yesterday too! It’s been a busy weekend!

My one man wolf pack tank top arrived today as well so I am all set to rock out next weekend! Watch out everyone! Here I come!


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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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