9/16/13 Husafell Stone Tutorial and Rookie WOD

Husafell Stone Tutorial

Yesterday I had a fun day in the land of Crossfit. I ventured over to Crossfit Syndicate since they have a Husafell Stone that I found out will be part of my competition on Saturday (EEEE!) and they agreed to let me come over and try it out. I met Luke (the owner) around 6:15pm and he gave me a little tutorial on how to pick up, hold, and walk with the Husafell Stone. He made  it look rather easy, and in terms of weight it was, but since I don’t have long man arms it was very uncomfortable to get in place and get my arms wrapped around it. My biceps got a firm rubbing from the weight and friction of the stone and my biceps were red and hot and bruised up before I knew what happened. I did, however, learn how to pick up the stone, walk around with it, do some static holding, do a farmer’s walk with 2 of them, and put the stone down efficiently. I feel much more confident going into the competition on Saturday to use one of these if in fact I have to.

The major key to this stone is to have a tight butt and lean back a little when holding it. Any forward lean will burn out your lower back and make life miserable. When doing a Farmer’s Walk with 2 of them, I found it was most efficient when you took fast steps with minimal big strided leg movement so they don’t swing. The moment they start swinging, it’s bad news.

Once I spent about 20min playing around with the stones (I only practiced with the empty ones which even Luke figured would be the most likely scenario in a competition) I headed over to Diesel for the Rookies Class.


I thought since it was a Rookies Class I could workout but take it easy with things. I should know myself better to know if I’m with a group of people I have a hard time taking it easy. Since I was a little late to class I left my bag in the car which has my tape and did not tape my hands for pull ups. I am so mad at myself for not taping my hands! I ripped my left hand. GRRRR!!! So I am putting myself on Crossfit Bed Rest. Since I cannot go to the gym and workout moderately, I should not go at all to prevent any further injuries.

Here was the WOD:


10 wall ball <– 14# and 9′ target

10 Kettlebell swings <– 35#

10 Pull ups <– Rx

I actually ended up getting 4+23 rounds! Which I honestly didn’t expect. I thought for sure I would only get 3-4 rounds. I’m proud of myself but mad at the same time for not being extra cautious with my hands. I’m definitely taking today off and then will do Mobility on Wednesday evening.




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