Training for a Crossfit Competition: Mobility WOD and Prep

2 days until the COMPETITION!!!!!!!!

Aside from freaking out I’ve been compiling items from my giant list of things to bring for the competition. Last night I decided to go to the Mobility WOD and work on stretching. We spent a lot of the hour working on our upper back, lats, and shoulders. It was torture. Like every mobility work I’ve ever done I wanted to simultaneously cry and vomit while also feeling amazing once it’s done.

At the end of class our coach told us about an app for iPhones called Mobilize Me. I am a Droid person but I have an iPad so I downloaded it to that. What’s so great about the app that I actually paid for it? You can find the areas to mobilize by exercise, body area, and time! I think it’s going to be perfect for competition day! I can get the WODs and then actually mobilize myself properly! 😀 BOOYA!

I’ve also been nursing my hands that I ripped on Monday with Neosporin and PreparationH. If you are a seasoned Crossfitter you know how clutch PrepH can be on rips! My hands are looking AWESOME for only a few days and I’m feeling confident they will be 95% healed by Saturday.

This morning I got an email compiling all of the competition details and emailed it to practically everyone I know 😛 Aside from buying and packing my food up, I am officially READY! I am so excited!!!!!!!!!!! Tonight I’m going to go horseback riding to help get my mind off of things and move around without really working out too much. Thankfully the weather has been really nice this week but of course today I check out the forecast and see this:weather

ISOLATED T-STORMS?!?!?! ARGH!!! I really hope by isolated they mean 1 storm outside of Baltimore. And it looks like it’s going to be a little chilly so I’m going to definitely need warm clothes! I’m hoping this forecast is wrong and instead it’s Sunny and 80 like it says Friday will be.

I’m not sure if I’ll post again between now and the competition so get ready for an epic post in a few days! 😀


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4 Responses to Training for a Crossfit Competition: Mobility WOD and Prep

  1. Lil Mama says:

    How exciting! I’m doing my first team competition in January but I might do an individual in December……I’ve been wanting to do a comp for AGES!

  2. Karise says:

    Hey there! Thanks for your support of MobilizeMe! We are currently working on improving the app by adding new stretches/mobility pieces and even videos so stay tuned and help us spead the word 🙂 Hope your training is going well.

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