9/24/13 WOD

Finally some heavy lifting! 😀 It was nice to finally have a day when I got to take my time between the pain of heavy lifting. It was no deadlift day but I still felt like I had a good day:

From a Clean, Perform:

Front Squat


I got to use my new knee sleeves I bought from a vendor at the 5Ton5K event held at my gym last weekend and I have to say they definitely help! They gave my knees just a little extra oomph that I needed. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to try and PR on my clean and front squat but I was happy that I got to 125#. I felt much stronger at that weight, too, than I have the last time we did 7 front squats. I did 125# then, too, but it was from a rack and I remember feeling as if my form was terrible.

The after party consisted of walking weighted lunges. I did 2 walks at 55# before calling it a day.

So there’s been a slight change of plans for the Capital Throwdown. I’m switching partners. Life for my original partner is just very hectic right now and he hasn’t really had any time to dedicate to training like he had originally hoped so we both decided maybe it was a good idea to ask around the gym and see if anyone else had interest in taking his place. I have 2 guys currently interested and am waiting for them to check their schedules before they can say Yes. I’m sad that I am switching partners so late in the game but I’m kind of also excited to know that my new partner, whomever it becomes, would be fully dedicated and I know goes to the gym regularly already. I’m sort of stressed at the moment while I wait to hear back from the guys but I know no matter what I’ll have a partner and I’ll still get to compete in November. I think from now on I’ll be investing only in individual competitions. It’s just easier that way. Slightly less fun because I have to go alone, but at least I don’t have to worry about anyone else. :/


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