9/26/13 WOD

Another heavy lifting day?! WOW! I’m sort of surprised that we had 2 this week and both were on the same days as the Olympic Lifting Class which meant weights were sparse. Either way I was kind of happy about it since I’ve been aching for barbell time and had a fun time with this:


From a Clean, Perform:

Press <– 95#

Push-Press <– 130#

Push-Jerk <– 130# (3 @ 135#)

The last time we did this WOD I managed to get the same Press but I did PR for my Push Press and Push Jerk! I even PRed on my Power Clean at 135! I can’t believe I finally got my clean so high!! I feel rather beasty 🙂

I had to scoot out of the gym to meet some friends for dinner so that’s all she wrote for the day.

I am still waiting for confirmation on who will be my partner at the Capital Throwdown. I’m hoping to hear tonight yay or nay from 1 of the guys so I can then tell the other guy yay or nay. The joys of waiting…

In other fun news the Civilian Military Combine Race is only 2 weeks away!! I’m sort of excited about it! It will be a full day since it’s about 2 hours away and a 6.5mi run but I’m ready to mix things up and have a good time!

Weight Watchers

In general I’ve been kind of sucking at my weight. I haven’t written much about it lately because I honestly haven’t been as dedicated as I should or want to be. But after taking about 4 days off from healthy eating and having 1 month until my next competition I decided to go the rest of September and all of October On Track (aka following WW by tracking). I am also rededicating a part of my blog to my nutrition since 1. People always want to know what everyone is eating and 2. It will help keep me more accountable.  So Welcome to my new Blog Section that I will be adding to the end of every entry: What Sara Shoved in her Face.

What Sara Ate:

9/26/13 (Daily Target = 26points)

Starbucks coffee and Pumpkin loaf (12points)

Chicken quesadilla with guacamole (10points)

Apple and Almonds (5points)

Pho Dinner:

Strawberry Smoothie and Triple Grilled Delite (3oz beef,1oz pork, 4 shrimp, and approx. 1 cup rice noodles) (approx 16points)

Total = 43points

Activity Points Earned/Used: 3

Weekly Points Used: 14 (35 Remaining)

Yesterday I took a good chunk of time dedicated to meal planning for 2 weeks worth of meals from my new WeightWatchers Cookbook, Family Style Meals, and also ordered the groceries/ingredients I need from Giant that will be delivered on Saturday. It will be force me to cook a little bit more but I know I can stay on track much better when I meal plan and cook at home.


About zimzimmie1

I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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