9/27/13 WOD

By this time of the week I was feeling tired but had enough energy to get through the WOD. Normally I would’ve rested by now but I was still waiting for the decision of who would be my new partner at the Capital Throwdown and felt like I needed to be at the gym. No decision was made Friday until much later but I guess I should be happy I got in a good workout.

3 Rounds for time:

21 Air Squats <– Rx
7 Muscle-Ups <– Band Mod
5 Squat Clean (225/ 135) <– 103#

I felt like I sort of half attempted the Muscle up MOD I did. But I did my air squats and squat cleans legit so I am not being too hard on myself. I finished quickly in 10:40. But I felt like I was pretty tired.

When I got home, I did some chatting and did get a final answer on who my new partner will be: *drum roll* Adam! …as if you guys know who he is. lol. Well anyway – he’s my new partner and now I just have to meet him and do a few WODs with him and get back into training for the next month.

What Sara Ate

Friday I ate rather well.

Greek Yogurt with pumpkin puree and strawberries (2pts)

Apple (0pts)

Sushi buffet (approximately 15pts)

Butter Popcorn (approximately 12pts)

Ceasar salad light with chicken (9pts)

I earned 3 Activity Points and used 9 Weeklies. (26 remaining)



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I am using this blog to share my tips, struggles, goals, and successes to lose weight, get fit, and feel great!
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2 Responses to 9/27/13 WOD

  1. Lil Mama says:

    muscle ups at my dream goal…

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