10/2/13 “Fight Gone Bad” [Benchmark WOD]

I feel like Fight Gone Bad is the benchmark WOD every coach loves to do. I feel like I’ve done this WOD so many times, and every time it sucks. No matter if you PR it’s just hard! Last night was no exception and we worked in teams of 2/2 waves. The partner not working kept count and encouraged our partners to keep going and try and get them to maintain their reps from Round 1. My partner did an amazing job and even increased her reps on Round 3!!

I, however, went out way too strong in Round 1, floundered  a bit in round 2, and then got things back together by Round 3.

Fight Gone Bad
3 Rounds of:

Wall-ball (20/ 14#) 10 ft target for both  11   8   13
Sumo deadlift high-pull (75/ 55#) 20   17   18
Box Jump (20/20″) 25   20   19 START
Push-press (75/ 55#)25   20   23
Row for Calories 12   10   0
Rest 1 minute

I completed the WOD Rx and above lists the reps for each Round. I started at the box jump station and finished with SDHP. And as you can see I didn’t row in Round 3. That was strategy of resting so I could get more Wall ball since the Row wasn’t helping me and I was quickly deteriorating by the last few stations. As you can see, even without the row, I almost matched the rep count from Round 2. Resting was a smart move for me and next time I will try and start on the Wall Ball since that is the hardest station for me.

Round 1: 93

Round 2: 75

Round 3: 73

Total Score: 241 PR!!

The last time I did Fight Gone Bad it was an active recovery day. Even then I PR’ed with 210 reps but this is a major leap since then! 31 rep increase FTW!! BOOYA!


Today is my Weigh In at WeightWatchers and I am not expecting a loss – or much of one – since I had a day where I ate an entire pizza for 51 points and really just sort of pushed myself over the edge because of it. Yeah, I got back on track but I know that pizza did some damage.

Yesterday I realized I have also been fighting myself a lot with cravings and I realized I shouldn’t be my own worst enemy when trying to lose weight but rather my biggest supporter. The world is against me so I should at least be on Team Sara and not adding another ‘enemy’. The moment I switched my thinking around, the week got easier and making healthy choices got easier, too. So my goal this week is to continue to be on Team Sara and be my own cheerleader for losing weight.


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3 Responses to 10/2/13 “Fight Gone Bad” [Benchmark WOD]

  1. Great FGB score and PR!

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