10/7/13 WOD

Yesterday’s WOD took a new form. All lifting, all 1 weight, all 1 bar. I kept wondering what weight I should use all day until I got to the gym and saw some people I am just as strong as going Rx – so I did, too. 🙂 Yes, I base my decisions on others at the gym.


10 Shoulder Press (#115/#75)

15 Overhead Squat (#115/#75)

20 Push Press (#115/#75)

25 Front Squat (#115/#75)

30 Jerk (#115/#75)

35 Back Squat (#115/#75)

I knew if I could just get through the first 2 lifts without struggling too much I could get through the rest at 75# no problem! I warmed up the strict press and OHS and could do at least 3 in a row without too much struggle so I went for it! I am so proud of myself for going Rx on this! Not only did I complete it under the 22min time cap (weird number but whatever) but I finished in 11:30! My lower back was really burning by the time I got to the back squat but I pushed to do sets of 10. I remember looking up for my friend and where she was in the WOD and seeing we must’ve been really close to both finishing and pushed to finish 6 seconds before her 😉 I probably would’ve taken another rest had I not known some how she was on her last 2 reps, too! We like to have friendly competition so we joked that next time we do this WOD we will do it facing each other and see if we can PR. There can only be one!!

After class we had EMOM 4 of skin the cat and for once I had the guts to try it on the high rings and did it! YAY lower body strength! It was a lot of fun doing gymnastics!


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2 Responses to 10/7/13 WOD

  1. nicolemkurz says:

    Woah, that’s a speedy time on that workout my friend!

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