10/8/13 WOD

I feel like an Rx Queen. Lately I feel like I’m beasting out! Not necessarily really quickly, but still beasting!


20 Toes-to-bar
20 Box Jump (24″/20)
1 Rope Climb

I am so proud of myself for not only Rx-ing this WOD but no-repping myself when I didn’t get my toes to touch the bar. I think I must’ve done 30 T2B each round for all of the no reps I had! Sheesh! But I did it! And I love love love that I have 15′ rope climbs! I didn’t get many rounds but I got 2 + 9 for the 10min AMRAP. Seeing how the top athletes were getting 3-4 rounds, I feel like that’s about right.

After class we got to learn how to kick up into an unassisted handstand! It was SO COOL! It’s 1 more step into getting a handstand walk! I was SO excited that I got a 2 second hold on a couple kick ups and now I can practice this before class!!! 😀 Watch out, world, I’m getting better! I was so excited with my new skills that it’s all I could dream about last night. I feel like a super dork dreaming about handstands/handstand walks but I know there is merit in visualizations. One day I will accomplish a handstand walk just like I am dreaming about!


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2 Responses to 10/8/13 WOD

  1. Lil Mama says:

    Yes about the handstands!! i still over kick so I can’t make it…. i need to practice! Great job on the RX streak and no repping yourself! that’s always such a mental hurdle to go “ok, this sucks but i HAVE to do it again if I really want that RX next to my name” and that’s one step closer to greatness IMHO 😉

    • zimzimmie1 says:

      Thanks! I can only hold my handstand for a millisecond but it’s more than I could before! And I figured if I’d get no repped in a comp I should learn to be honest about my form now so I can be stronger for the comp in November.

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