Recap: Civilian Military Combine Race

This Saturday I went to the Civilian Military Combine “Mountain Assault” at Bryce Mountain in VA. It was an amazing experience and one I hope I will repeat next year!

The Drive

From Columbia/Baltimore area it was 2 1/2 hours! We had to leave at 6am just to get there around 8:30am to have our recommended 1 hour of time to register and warm up, etc. We were in Heat 6 so really we could’ve arrived about 20-30min later but we ended up getting there early enough to cheer on a teammate in Heat 2 so that was kind of nice.

I think since it was rainy it scared a few people away from even trying to race but since the entry fee was $100 there was no way I wasn’t doing it! I was also lucky enough to have my friend, Sammi, drive us to and from the event. Had I driven myself I probably would’ve really hated the ride home. I was SO exhausted there was just no way I would’ve had the mental attention to drive 2 1/2 hours home.

Here is our whole group for the day BEFORE and pumped!!


The Pit

First up was The Pit. The Pit is a 7min AMRAP of 7 box over burpees (steps since it was wet and slippery), 7 Kettle bell swings (25# i think), and 7 shoulder to overhead (45#).

cmcpit1 cmcpit2


I got 113 reps which is a little over 5 rounds. I was so slow with the burpees because of the concrete being really harsh on my hands and then never getting a good rhythm with the box. But I did have a good time and it reminded me of the competition I did last month with a judge, etc 🙂

The Race

5min after The Pit we were sent off onto the 6.5mile course. Caleena and I stuck together the whole time which made it tolerable and much more fun when the obstacles got really tough.



I was actually very pleased to see a TON of obstacles so I didn’t get bored and tired of running and that all of the obstacles were challenging but easy enough that I could do them! I didn’t walk around any of them! I tried once but Caleena forced me to go back and do it 😛 Thanks, Caleena!

We went through lots of mud and water (the water was like ICE! omg so shocking at first!), lots of walls to go over, lots of bars to climb up and over, river walks with big rocks, trail runs, very steep terrain, cargo nets, and even up and down a ski slope!

It took us about 2 hours and 15min to complete the whole course and afterwards I was dead!

cmcafter cmcafterdead cmcafterdeadfunny


While I looked alive, the last 2 photos show how I really felt and getting up after that was tough lol!


This race was by far one of the most challenging races I’ve done but it was also one of the best races I’ve done! While this is not a race you sign up lightly without training, it is a race that you can do for a good challenge. I felt had it not been for Crossfit I wouldn’t have been able to do a lot of the things on the course or been fit enough. I felt even with Crossfit I wasn’t fit enough and should’ve done more running to prepare. But I survived and I had a great time and I would definitely recommend this race to others and I want to do it again next year!

It was organized, the volunteers were amazing, there was water but maybe could’ve been a smidge more, and I loved how they made sure we were all safe. My only recommendation would be to bring food and eat kind of a bigger than normal breakfast. I was HUNGRY by the end of the race!

If you are ever interested in doing an obstacle run that is more challenging than the Warrior Dash or things like that I definitely recommend the Civilian Military Combine! I hear it’s not as hard as Go Ruck Nasty but I don’t think it’s too much easier.

(all photos courtesy of Sammi and Amber)


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