10/17/13 Powerlifting Competition Practice: Bench Press

Today was our first Powerlifting Practice for the Competition November 23rd. We met with our coach at 6am (ugh) for bench press practice. Sammi and I were the only 2 to show up and thankfully we lift the same amount so we just did the same weight scheme:

bench press


Our bench press weight (total) is on the bottom row. We got to 115# for 4 singles. It was tough! But it was also great for us to get in a lot of volume at heavy weight. We are going to pick more times to work together to get in more volume/practice in the next few weeks before the Competition. Along with meeting with our coach weekly to work on each lift (deadlift, bench press, and back squat).

What I liked most was learning the rules about: not moving your feet, needing your butt in contact with the bench at all times, waiting for the commands to bench, press, and rack, and that wrist wraps are legal to wear. 


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