10/19/13 Olympic Lifting Class 1

Saturday morning I woke up early to get to the gym for my first Olympic Lifting Class at 7am. Coach Anthony got us to wake up with a pretty intense warm up: Sprints, leaps, 20 pull ups, 20 toe to bar, 20 ring dips, and an 800m run. 

Then it was lifting time. I shared a bar with my friend, Sheila, and we were instructed to do a bunch of sets of 6 power cleans then 6 front squats. Then we added a little bit of weight while getting critiqued on our form. I need to work on not leaning back when I catch the bar, I need to actually touch the bar to my hips instead of muscling it straight up, and then Anthony taught us about how to hold are arms (elbows pointing out and knuckles pointing down) while touching our legs/knees.

After that we moved to back squat. Sheila and I shared a rack and did a bunch of sets of 10 with just the bar, then adding 10kg plates, then 15kg plates, then on top of that 5# and 2.5# plates. By the end of class I could tell my quads were going to hurt later. I think we did over 50 squats and our total weight I think was 112#. Not too heavy but heavy enough to get in some fatigue.

We ended class early and Anthony explained after today’s class he would have a paper for us with what to lift and how much going forward. There is a lot of independent work but in a group setting but I like that we get individual lifting plans to work on our specific needs. I am nervous and excited all at the same time for what plan I’ll be given next week!


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