10/22/13 “Barbara” [Benchmark WOD] and Olympic Lifting class 2

This week is going to be crazy and already the crazy has begun. Last night I did 2 classes and by the end of the night I was pooped!

First up was Barbara:

5 rounds of:

20 Pull-up
30 Strict push-up
40 Sit-up
50 Squat

Rest precisely 3 minutes between each round

We were instructed that if 20 pull ups seemed like max effort to do “Barbara Lite”:

10 Pull-up <– Rx
20 Strict push-up <– used a foam roller
30 Sit-up <– Rx
40 Squat <– Rx

And if that seemed daunting, to do “Barbie”:

5 Pull-up
10 Strict push-up
15 Sit-up
20 Squat

I decided to go for Barbara Lite since I could def do 10 pull ups without maxing out. It took me 4min to complete Rounds 1 and 2 and 5min to complete rounds 3-5 for a total time of 34:02. It was a challenge but the 3min rest def helped me recover each time. Coach Evan said we should aim to have a 3min or sub 3min round – each round – and if we didn’t get that today to think about how to modify things so we do. Then once we get fast at it to work on making it harder. So next time I think I’m going to mod the push ups to less (like maybe 10) and see how big of a difference that makes. I think Barbie will be too easy yet I feel like I wasn’t meeting the sub 3min criteria for Barbara Lite. Middle ground = less reps of whatever slows me down, right?

Olympic Lifting Class

oly paper 10-22-13


This is my paper of work I was assigned by Coach Anthony. It doesn’t look like a lot, or even that heavy, but it was! Note: All weights are in Kg not Pounds.

First up was back squat. Sammi helped me learn how much the bar weighs in Kg (15kgs) and how the number before the weight is the number of sets, the number on top is the total weight, the number on the bottom is the number of reps. So I had to start off with 2 sets of 10 reps of just the bar (15Kgs). Then I moved to 2 sets of 10 reps at 40 Kgs, etc etc. Those 10 rep sets were rough! Esp that last set at 60Kgs (~132#)! 10 – ouch!

Then I moved onto push press where I was told to widen my grip. It felt SO weird and weak! I felt like I could hardly push press anything! But I did my sets – struggled in the last 4 sets- and then moved on to the last movement.

I finished my lifting class up with Walking Jerks. Sounds weird and funny all in one. Instead of shooting both feet out for a traditional split jerk, you only move your front foot. Then take a half step back with your front foot and a half step forward with your back foot. I did 10 steps each set but had to break it up into 5 steps at a time. Especially the last 4 sets! 35Kg (~77#) seems like it should be easy to jerk but it was tough!

I was DONE by the end of class! I went home, immediately cooked dinner so I wouldn’t make excuses not to, ate, sat around trying to watch the Biggest Loser but ended up stopping it so I could let the dogs out, shower, and go to bed.

Seriously believing myself now when I say I’m either going to be SUPER fit or dead by the end of November with all of this lifting and Crossfit. I would just show up for lifting class but all of my coaches would tell me Crossfit First! Lifting Second! …so I will be pushing myself pretty hard. Pray for me 😉


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