10/23/13 WOD and Power Lifting Practice: Deadlift

Another double whammy day. I tried to be a little conservative in the WOD but it didn’t quite work out that way…


10 Thrusters (115/ 75#) <– I thought going 65# would be ‘going light’ but it wasn’t

30 Double Unders <– Rx

Thrusters suck. Regardless of weight. UGH! Yet I somehow managed to pull out 7 + 2 rounds. I even worked on how Anthony told me to adjust my grip/position on the bar! It made it tougher in some ways since my shoulders are definitely weaker in that position. I was saved by the double unders in terms of time but they were still kind of tricky to get through. Immediately after class I had Powerlifting Practice with Coach Mandi.

Power Lifting

We wanted to do our 1 rep max yet our plan of attack kind of got mishmoshed. We did sets of 5s and big weight leaps and being tired plus big jumps in weight caused me to have to stop at 285#. The jump to 295# was just too big. I was still happy that even tired I could get very close to my 1 rep max weight of 300# and that I got in some good heavy practice since we don’t do REALLY HEAVY deadlift often but I was frustrated I didn’t hit 295#. Oh well.

On Monday Sammi and I will continue to practice on our own and hopefully catch another class with Mandi next week.

Upon heading home I made the executive decision to only attend olympic lifting class tomorrow (today) because I can feel my body is really getting tired from double dipping. I know Crossfit > Lifting but I think I’ll be ok to rest.


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6 Responses to 10/23/13 WOD and Power Lifting Practice: Deadlift

  1. Lil Mama says:

    Personally I think lifting>crossfit!! So many of the things we do at Crossfit are strength based so building YOUR strength base will really benefit!

    AND I’m in awe of your DL!!

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