10/24/13 Olympic lifting class 3

Oy. Another day of lifting torture 😉 and I love it. I decided not to do the regular WOD because of how tired I had been from doubling up all week and it definitely was a good plan!

In class my paper had me do back squat, snatch push press, overhead squat, and above the knee snatch.

oly class 3

I did back squat work with Sammi again since she had the same loads this time but again I had more reps. So many squats! Once I finished those I had to ask coach Anthony how to do a snatch push press.

It’s essentially like a back jerk except with a snatch grip and just a press and not a jerk movement with the legs. It was kind of hard for me not to jerk it. It was definitely hard to do at the 35kg weight! Of course, I misread the paper and jumped to 35kg for a set before I checked the paper and realized I should’ve only done 25kg. Oh well. I lightened the load and just counted the accidental heavy set towards my 4 sets of 6.

Overhead squats weren’t very pretty. Anthony showed me how I needed to hold my arms more rotated in and to initiate the movement from my shoulders. It was definitely difficult with my weird shoulders (my shoulders can come out of joint. Sometimes in their own depending on how I’m holding my arms or I can do it on command too. Either way, it makes for some control issues) and as the weight got higher. Anthony also said I wasn’t squatting deep enough so he had me put my heels on the edge of a small wooden board to lift my heels up even more than what the reebok lifters do. It did feel more comfortable getting deeper into the squat this way.

Lastly I did hanging snatch. I tried to do them all touch and go but by the last 4 sets at 35kg I was struggling even with 6 reps. Again Anthony showed me that the tightness in my back and arms weren’t quite right nor was I pausing long enough in the hang position between reps. Pausing longer, though, meant going slower and since I was already kind of tired it was torture! I didn’t finish my last rep. I was just too tired and Anthony said “you’re done.”

I left the gym feeling good but dead tired and I definitely earned my rest day! This lifting class is much more intense than I really imagined, honestly, but it’s good! By the time this class is over I will, if nothing else, get tons of reps in and feel comfortable with lifting, squatting, and snatching!


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