10/29/13 Olympic Lifting Class 4

Since it’s Taper Week I decided to only go to Lifting Class last night. It was a good and bad decision. Good because I was fresh for lifting and did really well but bad because I didn’t move around much. Taper Week is mentally tough to me. I have trouble finding the sweet spot of working hard but less at the same time.

I got to class and reached for my paper but it was blank! I was instructed to just work with my friend, Sammi, and her paper.

oly paper 10-29-13


The only thing I modified was the back squat weight. I stayed at 65Kg (143#)for 2-3 sets while Sammi moved on to set a PR at 95Kg! Next up was Power Snatch from above the knee (35Kg/77#). Thankfully on this I was told I made some improvement (finally!) and lastly we did Power Clean and Power Jerk. We did 4 cleans above the knee then 4 jerks. I made it all the way through that series (55Kg/121#) with some improvement, too!

Since we had 5-10min to spare, Sammi and I went to play on the Muscle Up Harness/rig and I did 15 harnessed muscle ups. In this rig it’s easy for me to do…I just wish it were that easy  without the rig!

muscle up harness


I’m a dork. Get over it 😉


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2 Responses to 10/29/13 Olympic Lifting Class 4

  1. Lil Mama says:

    ahhh i need to practice muscle ups…i never do so i have no idea on what to even work on…

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