Capital Throwdown RECAP

Yesterday was AWESOME! I had some doubts going into the Capital Throwdown competition since I didn’t know my partner, Adam, very well and we had only worked out with each other twice (both occasions were at 6am and NOT my optimal workout time). But once the WODs were released and we had a general plan of attack I was feeling a bit more confident. I don’t have any videos (Forgot my camcorder…whoops) or many photos yet so this will be a wordy post until I can edit with the few pictures that were taken.


WOD 1:

10min AMRAP

250m row

25 Thrusters

15 Pull ups


Adam DOMINATED the row! And I’m really glad because there was no way I could’ve rowed as fast as he did! I did ALL of the Thrusters! It was basically air squats because the load was 33#. Adam did the pull ups in round 1 and 2 but I helped finish them up in round 3 and 4. We finished the WOD with 4 rounds (180 reps) and even got back on the rower but only got through 11m. We needed 50m for another point. I ended up doing 100 Thrusters and it was more than enough of a warm up for WOD 2! We finished tied for 5th place on this WOD! BOOYA!!

After a couple hours of rest we made a plan to go warm up our cleans for WOD 2 but right as Adam went to the bathroom they announced they were starting Heats 1 and 2 (we were in heat 2 all day) RIGHT NOW!! They were running EARLY! I panicked a little bit, got another friend to go tell Adam in the bathroom to hurry up while I ran out to the warm up area and got my cleans ramped up.

WOD 2 & 3

4 min to establish a 5 rep max front squat

2min transition

4min amrap of burpee suicides (3 burpees jumping on and off of a mat then running 5m, running to the start, running 10m, then back to the mat to repeat)

I did the Front Squat WOD first while Adam did the burpee suicides. It was good for us to start on those things since those are our strengths! I told Adam to just kill the run since I would be slow and I’d kill the front squats since not many women can clean 135#. I wasn’t feeling confident starting the WOD above 95# for some strange reason. Nerves I suppose. So I did the WOD as follows:

set the bar at 95# did 5 squats

immediately threw on 15s and did 5 squats (I am so bad at math in my head that I had to ask the judge that it was 125#)

took a small break and threw on 2.5s for an even 130# and did 5 squats but they weren’t too pretty

heard someone behind me say “130#” and it fired me up to throw off the 2.5s and throw 5s on for 135# – BAM! Killed it! There was no way I was letting some other girl beat me at MY strength!  I had about a min left so I decided instead of going for 140# and PR to just try and get in some tie breaker dead lifts. I did 19 before time was up. SO FREAKIN’ PROUD OF MYSELF!

then Adam and I changed our shoes in our 2 min transition and I headed over to do burpee suicides.

You could say I was slightly fatigued at this point. I was so slow. I knew I’d be slow but man I felt like a granny. shuffle shuffle touch shuffle shuffle touch shuffle shuffle burpee burpee burpee… but I did manage to get 7 + 3 rounds.

Once I met back up with Adam to find out how he did he informed me that in his burpee suicides he lapped the entire heat!! He got around 11 rounds!! But then he was smoked for the Front Squat WOD and said he opened at 135# and jumped to 185#. Well apparently on squat 3 his judge no-repped him for not going low enough in his squat. Adam didn’t hear it and finished his 5 squats (instead of doing 6) and dropped the barbell for what he thought was a successful round only to hear “Those didn’t count – I no-repped you”. Needless to say Adam was not happy! There was no way he could do it again – he used all he had for those 5 squats! – so he dropped the bar to 155 but it just wasn’t happening in 4 min. He was done. And so was the time. 😦 We ended WOD 2 in 24th place but tied for 7th place for WOD 3. Over all we went into WOD 4 in 12th place.  Talk about SUPER frustrating! It took us out of the running for the semi finals – but I really wasn’t too upset. He did what he was supposed to do- kill the run. And I did what I was supposed to do – kill the ladies in the front squat. It’s just too bad he didn’t at least fill in the missing spaces to hold our spot for that WOD. But it  happens. And at least now we know how awesome we are as a team!

After another few hours of resting and recovering it was time for WOD 4 (12min time cap):

90 anchored sit ups

75 wall ball

60 kettle bell swings

45 goblet squats (sorry no clips for this)

Adam looks dead and I look like a hobo...ready for SIT UPS!

Adam looks dead and I look like a hobo…ready for SIT UPS!

We watched Heat 1 and the fastest team in that heat finished in 8:30ish so I knew what our time to beat was. Adam KILLED the sit ups! We had to have our arms crossed and each time touch the top of our knees with our elbows while I held his feet down. I used ALL of my weight to keep his feet down! Then I jumped in while he rested and did about 20 sit ups as fast as I could and he finished them up. We ran to the wall and he BEASTED on the wall ball! It was easier for him since we both had a 9′ target. Only after I kept missing the wall completely and getting no-repped did I just give up on wall ball completely. Adam thought we only had to do 60 at one point and dropped the ball (literally lol) before returning to finish out the last 15 wall ball.


At this point I was RARING to go on the Kettlebell swings and KILLED 30 in a row. I took a small break while Adam worked on 20 more before I killed the last 10. Then while I rested Adam started on the goblet squats. I could tell he was wiped so I jumped in and did a bunch (which were harder than I thought!) before breaking and then ultimately finishing in 7:56! The leader board said we finished 14th  and we ended the day in 14th place, too.

In summary I had an absolute blast! All of my doubts about working with a partner were flushed down the crapper once we got to the comp! Adam was a GREAT partner and it worked so well having a partner whose strengths were my weaknesses and vice versa. I learned that we did not need to actually practice together after all and we just worked together really well! We both left excited for another competition or chance to work together and kick some butt 😉 So I guess I’ll be doing more Partner Comps than I thought (assuming we find another comp to do). SO.MUCH.FUN!

Our costume of Fight Gone Bad was pretty epic, too! We had temporary tattoo wounds from Buttonhead on Etsy and some tooth blackout to complete our look. I thought we stood a really good chance at winning the costume competition but a team dressed up as Rich Fronning and Sam Briggs (the girl was Rich and the boy was Sam) and really did a good job and rightfully won. Next year we want to do the comp in a Ron Burgandy/Anchorman theme since we’re kind of a big deal 😉 and we will totally make the podium in the scaled division!

Pictures to come soon! Unless I’ve already added them…in which case, nevermind and I made you look 😉 Photos and Videos courtesy of Amy Carr


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