11/7/13 “Diane” [Benchmark WOD] and Powerlifting Practice

This was like a day made for me! Deadlifts galore! But sadly I wasn’t super excited because I was feeling a little run down. I crossed my fingers that once I got moving I’d wake up and feel more energized.


Deadlift 155# <– Since we had Powerlifting Practice afterwards I had to go light and did 135#
Handstand Push Ups <– 2 ab mats

Last time we did this WOD I went Rx on the weight but still had the same HSPU mod and finished in 7:24. Last night with 20# lighter I finished in 5:29! I didn’t really feel too fatigued, either. I’m still not as fast as the Elite times but hey, I’m getting closer!

After class we worked on handstand walks and rope climbs. Since I have a decent rope climb I focused on my handstands and actually got some good advice from my friend, Eddie, on having more support to actually hold the handstand longer! I held it for 2 seconds last night!! It’s slowly getting there!! Watch out, one day I will handstand walk! 😛

Powerlifting Practice

We decided to do a mock competition day practice where we warm up/ramp up and then do an opening lift and second lift. We even worked on listening for commands so we wouldn’t be too distracted the day of and forget to listen for our signals. My opening lift is going to be 122.5 Kg. Then I will do my second lift at 130Kg. We didn’t do it, but the day of the event my third and final lift will be 137Kg. For those curious that’s 302# for my final lift! My 1 rep max is 300# so I will be STOKED to hit 302!

Next week we will practice with our Singlets and all of our competition gear to get the awkwardness of wearing a singlet in public out of the way. I’m slightly nervous mostly because my singlet looks like this:



I’m not even joking.

So while I originally thought this was the coolest singlet in the world, I’m now feeling a little self conscious since everyone else will have plain ones. Oh and did I mention I have purple/blue hair right now? …yeah. Time to go big or go home I guess.


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10 Responses to 11/7/13 “Diane” [Benchmark WOD] and Powerlifting Practice

  1. rachelaugh says:

    Awesome!!! There’s nothing wrong with being memorable!

  2. nicolemkurz says:

    Please god tell me there will be photos. You are the coolest chick in the WORLD.

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  4. Dave Andrade says:

    I absolutely must know where you got that singlet! I’m doing a half-Ironman triathlon in less than six weeks, and was thinking about getting some new gear. That singlet looks absolutely perfect 😀

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